ABHORRENT DEFORMITY “Boundless Suffering” Video

ABHORRENT DEFORMITY “Boundless Suffering” Video

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Abhorrent Deformity band photo 2015CC

North Carolina’s ABHORRENT DEFORMITY has posted the DIY music video for “Boundless Suffering.” The song comes off the band’s debut album, Entity of Malevolence.

A surprisingly humorous take on one the album’s most destructive songs, “Boundless Suffering” is now playing at:

Entity of Malevolence stands out as a convergence of brutality, complete with the boundless onslaught of crushing riffs, unmerciful drumming and bloodthirsty vocals. This unforgiving vortex of obliteration is poised to rise from the deepest depths of Hell. Artwork for Entity of Malevolence done by the creative Italian mastermind Marco Hasmann.


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