ADLIGATE “New Blood Old Chapter” album details

ADLIGATE “New Blood Old Chapter” album details

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The release date of the ADLIGATE album “New Blood Old Chapter” on CD is June 10th, 2016. The pre-order phase will start on May 27th, 2016.


Some things took a long time to be good. This band, ADLIGATE is great. Several years ago and some Line-Up changes later where all say: This would never works. ADLIGATE punished them as liars, noobs and assholes as they are! ADLIGATE the new heavy grooving rock machine from Germany rocks every stage in the town and nation. More than 50 gigs have proven this band and telling them they are right on the way they step on.
ADLIGATE was founded 2007 as a metal act, worked hard about their Line Up and the now available sound monster called NEW BLOOD OLD CHAPTER. In the years till 2014 they change their minds and selling their soul to get a rocking grooving soundmachine with genius riffattacks and sounds from the deepest heart. At this place ADLIGATE will say Thanx to Hendrik for all.

adligate2Where ever ADLIGATE enter the stage the FAB FOUR from northwest Germany delivers an inspiring grooving rock show at its best and celebrate it with the crowd. ADLIGATE THE REAL DEAL.
NEW BLOOD OLD CHAPTER was produced and mastered at the QuSOUND Studios in Hagen/Germany.

1. Intro
2. Mountain
3. Sweet Revenge
4. Mother Of Lies
5. Pussyeater
6. Kill The Moon
8. Big Balls
Total Playing Time: 31:44 min

Dome – vocals
Sue – drums
Michael – guitars
Nils – guitars
Kayuri – bass

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