Interview with Matt of Lost in Exile

Interview with Matt of Lost in Exile

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Hi! How did the members of Lost in Exile come together to form the band?
All of us have played together in projects over the years, but Lost in Exile came about as a fun reason to revisit a couple songs Cody (guitars) had written with one of his best friends. He recruited JD to add drums, and another friend to play bass. They decided to reach out to myself to add some vocals and the song was just really turning out super well. After some time, we recruited Nick for guitars to help us write and finish our album, and so far it’s been a really fun ride with some really great friends.

What was the inspiration behind the title of your debut album, “Deathbed Dreamer”?
As artists we have been playing shows, writing music, and putting ourselves out there for years. Since music is also a big outlet for us it’s also a place where we share our darkest moments and deepest insecurities. Deathbed Dreamer is a way to speak to that idea of just continuing to create from that hurt and to aspire for something more. In the end will we have achieved our dreams? Or will we just be Deathbed Dreamers?

What themes or stories are explored in the lyrics of”Deathbed Dreamer”?
The lyrics in Deathbed Dreamer really speak from a place of anxiety, depression, and the fight to overcome them. The music we create is an outlet to share those feelings, and to be real and honest about them. Many other may feel the same way, and they aren’t alone. By creating, we turn those things that can are negative into something positive, to share, create community, and to give a voice to many who may not know how to express those feelings.

How has your experience from Âstillian, The OblivionArchetype, and Society’s Plague influenced Lost in Exile’smusic?
We are always learning and growing as people, but also as musicians. Everything we have respectively done to this point has built up skills and preferences that we all draw from to create what is Lost in Exile. There is definitely a lot of unique perspectives that we all draw from our times in those projects to build what we think is a really special album.

What was the recording process like for “DeathbedDreamer”?
This was very unique for us. We opted to self record and self produce our album, which is different than most of the projects we’ve done in the past. All of us were able to scrutinize, and pour over details to get exactly what we wanted. Most importantly, we had time. When you’re limited to studio time you have to just prepare as best as you can and get the takes done efficiently, then hope for the best. When you can do it yourself, you can have a bad day, and try again tomorrow. This really let us get the best performances out of everyone. We spent time recording live drums, honing in on our guitars, and really making the vocals shine. JD (drums) is also a gifted engineer and really shined in how he mixed and mastered this record. Our past experience really helped us accomplish exactly what we set out to do.

How has the reception been for “Deathbed Dreamer” since its release?
The reception so far has been overwhelmingly Positive, and we could not be more grateful for everyone who has listened, followed us, and messaged us support since it released. We are so proud of the record and to hear and see so much support has meant the world to us.

What can fans expect from a Lost in Exile live show?
First and foremost, a fun time. We are a serious band, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We want to jump around, mess with each other, and interact with the crowd. A

Lost in Exile show is a place to be unapologetically yourself. Let loose, dance, mosh, and have a great time!

Are you already working on new material for your next album?
We absolutely are. Albums take time, so even though fans may only see the end result however many months later, that work began well before anyone hears it. As soon as Deathbed Dreamer went live we took a few days to enjoy it, but we already had a few ideas cooking that we’ve already begun recording. Hopefully you’ll be hearing it really soon!

What are some challenges you’ve faced as a new band inthe metal scene?
The biggest challenge is just reaching our audience. There’s so much diversity in the metal scene, and so much talent. It takes time, and a lot of performances to reach the people who really resonate with your sound. There’s no shortcuts, you just have to always be on your A game, and keep pushing.

Can you tell us about the artwork for “DeathbedDreamer”?
We had the album name and concept ready to go, and we found a great artist who goes by Blindsight Visions, and he had a piece that just really encompassed perfectly the feeling we wanted the art to have. So we reached out and that price was available. We couldn’t be happier with it!

Which song on “Deathbed Dreamer” is particularly special to you, and why?
Everyone in the band probably has a different me for themselves, but for me it’s probably the song Vengeance. I love how it crosses different genres, it’s heavy, it’s dark, and it’s melodic. It was a really challenge for me as a vocalist and it pushed me to reach the level that the rest of the band reached in creating it. If I show anyone Lost in Exile for the first time Vengeance is always my go-to!

Are there any artists or bands you would like to collaborate with in the future?
That list is endless! But I’d say if we could get anyone I think we’d all love to Collaborate with In Flames, or Soilwork. We’re all huge fans and they have inspired us so much, it would be incredible.

What is the story behind the name “Lost in Exile”?
We had another name originally, but after searching it we realized about a dozen other bands were using that same name. So we spent a few days just throwing out tons and tons of ideas. Lost in Wxile really fit the lyrical themes and the sound we were going for, so we decided to run with it.

Was there a defining moment when you felt that Lost in Exile had truly “arrived” as a band?
we are such a new band that I don’t think we have arrived or made it per say, but releasing the album and seeing it get tons of organic traction has really let us see that we have something special here. We plan on keeping that spark going, so keep an eye on us, and we’ll see what the future holds!

What are future plans for Lost in Exile? Thank you for your time!
The plan is to keep making music, putting out the best songs we can, and to build a community to share it with. Keep on the lookout for new singles very soon, new videos, and lots of shows!

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