AU CHAMP DES MORTS signs with Debemur Morti Productions

AU CHAMP DES MORTS signs with Debemur Morti Productions

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Always on the lookout for exciting new sonic experiences, Debemur Morti Productions is extremely proud to announce signing the promising and very talented French band AU CHAMP DES MORTS.

Founded in 2014 by Stefan Bayle (ANOREXIA NERVOSA) and Migreich (VULV), the band quickly unveiled an extremely assertive sonic personality and integrity. Deep-rooted in the underground, AU CHAMP DES MORTS forge the foundations of post-black metal, old-school black metal, early hard rock and cold wave from analog sound.

Regarding this alliance, the band comment:

“We are proud to announce our forthcoming collaboration with Debemur Morti Productions, may they be thanked for giving us the opportunity to release our first EP “Le Jour se Lève” as well as our upcoming full­-length.

DMP and AU CHAMP DES MORTS have a convergent vision towards quality and integrity. We share the same feelings about how music should and should not be. We feel very honoured to join such an interesting label – at the crossroads of tradition and modernity – which offers us such a good, reliable deal.”

AU CHAMP DES MORTS will release their first full-length later in 2016 although Debemur Morti Productions will give you the opportunity to discover this amazing young band by releasing their 7″ EP, “Le Jour se Lève” in the coming weeks.

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