Belgian black metal horde SERPENTS OATH Reveal Full Album Details

Belgian black metal horde SERPENTS OATH Reveal Full Album Details

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“Live by the rule of Fang and Claw, Survival is the highest Law”

Belgian black metal horde SERPENTS OATH are proud to announce their third album ‘REVELATION’, which will be released on November 24th through Odium Records (BLACK ALTAR, OFERMOD, BEASTCRAFT et al).

The Black Arts for the cover were performed by the hands of Néstor Avalos (DARK FUNERAL, ROTTING CHRIST, etc. The artwork shows the next chapter of the rebellion of Lucifer which was depicted on the first 2 albums. Now he has claimed the Throne of God for him to reign from.

The album describes the journey from initiate to adept divided into 3 chapters. It all starts with the first step on your own path, symbolized by the Genesis chapter. In order to progress however, one has to break down the taught barriers and go through a process of de-identification, symbolized by the Apocalypse chapter. Only then can one be reborn, symbolized by the Resurrection chapter.

The three chapters thus look at a similar subject from different angles. If we look at fire, from a genesis perspective we see it as the spark of life or the spark of an idea. From an apocalypse perspective, it is the all consuming fire devouring everything in its path. From a resurrection perspective, it is the inner flame, the Black Flame of spiritual enlightenment when one finds the Source within oneself.

Witness the unleashing of the Beast on November 24th through Odium Records and prepare to be crushed by skull impaling riffs of hate!

“Yours is my Flesh and my Spirit”

‘REVELATION’ tracklist:
01. Invocatio Genesis
02. Blood Covenant
03. Gateways to Tiamat
04. Purification through Fire
05. Invociatio Apocalypsis
06. Beyond the Void
07. Drakonian Gnosis
08. Path of the Serpent
09. Invocatio Resurrectio
10. Cult of Death
11. Unto Typhon
12. Pandaemonium

Album Cover by Néstor Avalos
Album Layout by Hellishdust Art
Invocations by Melek-Tha

Serpents Oath is:
Baelus – Guitar
Daenum – Guitar
Draghul – Drums
Mørkald – Bass
Tes Re Oth – Vocals

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