{brief album review} SKÁLMÖLD – Vögguvísur (by Robert Lombardo)

{brief album review} SKÁLMÖLD – Vögguvísur (by Robert Lombardo)

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Vögguvísur Yggdrasils
Napalm Records
Release: 30 September 2016

Shit! What a shame! SKÁLMÖLD have 4 (FOUR!!!) albums so far, but I have never heard them before!!! This fact killed my day =( But ok, finally I got caught them so I can enjoy by their entire discography, but let’s speak about Vögguvísur Yggdrasils right now.

Comes from far away Iceland, SKÁLMÖLD brought us awesome album of Viking metal soul. Completely inspired by Norse mythology, Icelandic Poetry and so on.

Of course, there is nothing something unusual they do, nevertheless this is one of such albums which you’ll play many time. For me personally Vögguvísur Yggdrasils became one of my favorite albums within Viking metal genre, not the best, but one of the best.

What was most memorable for me – it’s an atmosphere, atmosphere of cold and old years, relentless and obscure… Music is enough melodic, enough harsh and the entire album comes with really reach tunes! Each song is just like some ancient saga!

Definitely the best Viking metal album of September 2016!

Cheers from France / Rob

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Robert Lombardo

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