Brutal Assault Announce Second Bunch Of Bands For 2023

Brutal Assault Announce Second Bunch Of Bands For 2023

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Powerful returns and three premieres: second bands update

We’re here with the second update for Brutal #26, bringing powerful returns but also includes three premieres!

Among the returnees is Brazil’s most famous band SEPULTURA, black metal panzer-bestie MARDUK and one representative of ‘The Big Four’ ANTHRAX.

After whole 9 years we welcome on the brutal roster the death metal traditionalists BENEDICTION, followed by hardcore matadors TERROR, thrashers SUICIDAL ANGELS and I AM MORBID. There’s no Morbid Angel without Trey, but the morbid-duo David Vincent and Pete Sandoval will come to play “Covenant”. Together with “Legion” it’s the second death metal gem that Brutal 2023 will offer you.

The last three names are the festival’s first-timers! All three bands have a rather distinctive take on deathcore and prove how powerful a player can deathcore in the extreme scene be. There will be a slaughter under the stage, look forward to SIGNS OF THE SWARM, WITHIN DESTRUCTION and FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY.


Aftermovie 2022:


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