Review: Cherokee “Wakan Tanka Nici Un”

Review: Cherokee “Wakan Tanka Nici Un”

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Cherokee – Wakan Tanka Nici Un (Dying Victims Productions)

Unfortunately there are a few bands floating around with the name Cherokee. This version are the female fronted band from Cologne in Germany.

And you’ll know in the first few seconds whether you’ll like this or not.

Cherokee are slaves to the big guitar bands of the 70s and the start of the 80s. So if you love the long solos of say Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet, or the old school stance of early Scorpions or even a bit of Budgie, all mixed up with a bit of a psychedelic vibe, thanks to the raspy voice of frontlady, Laura Vesprini, then you’ve lucked out, because that’s exactly how Cherokee sound.

For me, it’s the lead guitar work that makes this. Like Thin Lizzy circa “Emerald”/”Black Rose” etc.. this goes off into its own little world. But it sounds more like Michael Schenker in UFO than Scott Gorham or Gary Moore handling guitar duties.

The only downside is that once again, this is a short release, just 4 songs in under 18 minutes.

I really hope Cherokee get to record a full length album this year as I’d love for them to record a huge 10 minute epic to end the album, because they have all the right attributes to make a classic album.

You can pre-order the vinyl version on black and on orange vinyl here

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