Classic MURO line-up to release new album and reveal first track

Classic MURO line-up to release new album and reveal first track

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Fighter Records – a new division of Xtreem Music – sets March 15th as the international release date for Muro‘s El Cuaro Jinete. Muro is a heavy metal band formed back in 1981 in the neighborhood of Vallecas in Madrid, Spain. Their debut album, Acero y Sangre, was recorded live in December 1986 and was the album that introduced the speed metal genre in Spain, leading them to play at the most important festivals in Spain and opening for big international names like Motörhead, getting great national recognition and touring in front of big audiences.

Between classic heavy metal and speed metal, without opting for any in particular, Muro expanded this kind of heavy metal in Spain, at the same level, without knowing it, with bands from the US and German underground like Agent Steel, Helloween, Rage, Savage Grace, Omen, Liege Lord, Running Wild, Exciter, Abattoir, Tyrant, Realm, Helstar, or Anthrax, who were all doing a similar style during the mid-late ’80s. Unlike these aforementioned acts, many of which were nearer to thrash metal, Muro had a more heavy metal spirit; their musical influences, riffing-wise, were nearer to bands like Judas Priest, Motörhead, and Accept, to which they added a choral base in the vein of bands like Manowar and Barón Rojo. The main difference was the very own vocal style of Silver.

In 2003, the band split up, although in 2004, Silver rounded up a few members who passed through the band during their career to record a double-live CD as kind of farewell entitled Este Muro no se Cae. In 2009, the four original members – Lapi, Largo, Julito, and Silver – reform the band and do a tour called “Por un puñado de dólares,” leading them to play even at the well-known festival Heavy Metal Maniacs celebrated in Holland. Later in 2013, they confirmed a date at the German festival Headbangers Open Air. On 17th of December 2013, after recording their latest El Cuarto Jinete, the band officially announced the exit of Silver due to personal reasons. After this, Rosa Pérez officially joins Muro as permanent vocalist.

In the meantime, the title track to El Cuarto Jinete has been revealed here:

Tracklisting as follows:

Tracklisting for Muro’s El Cuarto Jinete
1. Apocalipsis 6,2
2. El Cuarto Jinete
3. Otra Batalla
4. Maldito Bastardo
5. Sobrevivir
6. En el Ojo del Huracán
7. La Voz
8. Hermanos de Sangre
9. Honorable
10. Muero por ti
11. Fratricidio
12. Kill the King (Rainbow cover)

classic MURO lineup on El Cuarto Jinete:
Silver – vocals
Largo – guitars
Julito – bass
Lapi – drums

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