Coffins “Craving To Eternal Slumber” review

Coffins “Craving To Eternal Slumber” review

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coff [800]Coffins “Craving To Eternal Slumber”
Hammerheart Records

Woah! How could I miss this EP inside the rag of other albums sent this year?! Here is Japanese Coffins, the band I like a lot since I listened to their early stuff long time ago, you can also find interview with them made previously.
“Cravling To Eternal Slumber” is the last stuff from Coffins so far, six songs EP, but, from y point of view, these six songs were completely enough to be killed from inside, hehe! Coffins is Coffins still, and you can’t await for something non Death Doomy Metallic hell! Basically here is old-school death metal, but, you know, heavingly based on doom metal, thus we getting raw, brutal, catching and fucking grinding to the bone doomy deathy metal, luckily without any “sweet” solos and “female voices”, but just typical old-school pressure, rough, heavy and deep. Of course doom metal fans should check this stuff as well, because its atmosphere though. The songs structure is awesome, you’ll get huge kick off into your face from the very start of playing time, with such fast and crushing death metal hell, then you’ll get grinding mid tempos etc… The entire EP is a fucking freezing in its structure, once you’ll press play button – you’ll be unable to press stop one, because you’ll be completely paralized, and your mind will be “upload” tons of hellish thoughts. Not recommended to listen to “Craving To Etenral Slumber” like a “background” while doing anything (if this is not an armageddon of course!). I’m fully enjoyed by this EP and will be wait for the new stuff from these Japanese killers!


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