COLUMBARIUM Reveal Full Album details; New Single “Redemption” Now Streaming

COLUMBARIUM Reveal Full Album details; New Single “Redemption” Now Streaming

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After their signing with Italian imprint ARGONAUTA Records, Belgian Heavy Doomsters COLUMBARIUM are pleased to reveal the full details of their highly anticipated debut album, now teased by the brand new single “Redemption”, a doomy journey with bluesylike soloing and slow riffage that will make your ears bleed!
Give ear:

Says the band:

We are incredibly pleased to reveal all information about our full album together with Argonauta Records and Grand Sounds Promotion. It is a great pleasure to work with them! This announcement can not go without mentioning our cooperation with two guest vocalists with which we were incredibly happy to work with. The first one was Tabasco Esmee from Tyrant’s Kall, who is a dear friend of ours. We adore her and her ‘witch voice’, she has been exceptionally kind to us and we are very happy with the result of her singing on the already released single ‘Eyes Bleed Black’.

The second cooperation is with Michelle Nocon (Of Blood And Mercury, formerly from Bathsheba, Death Penalty and Serpent Cult). We’ve been fans of her for many years and asked her if she wanted to contribute a vocal line on the instrumental intermezzo ‘Barefoot On The Moon’ and let her totally free to give it her interpretation. She came up with a sixfold vocal harmony which just totally blew us away! We are incredibly grateful for her effort and contribution.

The cover of the album was done by Vladimir Chebakov (who also worked with Sodom and Hideous Divinity amongst others) and is his interpretation of ‘The Morbidious One’ which represents ‘Death’ as a common thread through some of the lyrics on the album, without it being a concept album. We are stoked to reveal all information about our album and are greatly looking forward to the reactions of fans and press. The album will be available as CD and vinyl physical formats and will digitally be available on all platforms through Argonauta Records. Cheers, everyone!!!”

‘The Morbidious One’ will be released on the 29th of September 2023 through Argonauta Records. Preorders are up:

Eyes Bleed Black
The Morbidious One
Rivers Of Blood
Barefoot On The Moon
Our Glorious Ways
A Cure For Everything/Get Back Alive?

Columbarium is:
Koen Biesbrouck: Guitars & keys
Marc ‘Markie’ Vangheluwe: Guitars
Vincent ‘Mille’ Millecam: Drums
Pete Jules V.: Bass & Vox


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