Comatose “The Ultimate Revenge” entire album stream

Comatose “The Ultimate Revenge” entire album stream

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The band was originally called Church Burner in 2003, but it was changed immediately to Comatose and recorded a seven track demo called “Pure Evil & Blasphemy” in August 2004. In the mid of 2007 Comatose recorded their 2nd demo (Plague Bearer) which composed of the new line up, Lee recruited Coco Acha on drums, Rex Padron on 2nd guitar and Randy Petrosa on bass and vocals. Three years later a self release EP was unleashed entitled “Rivals of the Throne” with the same line up.

December 2015 the long-awaited release of “THE ULTIMATE REVENGE” is finally set. Comatose one of the spearheads of the extreme metal scene in Cebu City, Philippines. The Blasphemers are ready to unleash their skull-crushing blasphemous hymns. For those who are weak hearted please stay away!!!


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