Corpse Garden Reveal Details of upcoming album

Corpse Garden Reveal Details of upcoming album

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Corpse Garden, the five-piece death metal outfit from Costa Rica are proud to announce that their second album, Entheogen will be released this May 15th through both Russian Label Satanath Records and German Label RTM Productions.

The title Entheogen refers to a chemical substance that is often used in religious or spiritual practices to aim for transcendence. Vocalist Felipe Tencio elaborates further,

“We think [Entheogen] is what really describes the music and the sound we accomplished with this album as well as it being an analogy for the transformation the band suffered, and the lyrical concept. The lyrics go through each one of the seven operations of alchemical transformation and Carl Jung’s studies on Individuation.”

Satanath Records Owner Aleksey had this to say on the label’s newest signing,

“I like this young and talented band. Their music is mysterious and meets all the canons of the style that I love. The album spews out energetic and technical death metal with a delicious bass in the spirit of old school death metal. Yet Corpse Garden do not fixate on the [old school vibe] and thereby retain their originality. Verdict: It is impossible not to release!”

The Entheogen artwork was designed by Alexander L.Brown [BNB Illustration and Design].
Formed in 2009, Corpse Garden released one EP before settling down to record their debut full-length release Burnt By The Light [2012]. Riding high from the great response from their debut, the band powered on to win the Central American heat in the worldwide Wacken Metal Battle competition and represented the area at the 2012 Wacken festival in Germany. With a comprehensive line-up change in 2013 to what is their current set-up, Corpse Garden settled down to compose and write what would become Entheogen. Entering the Bushido Audio Production Studio in 2014 with producer Juan Pablo Calvo, the album was mastered by Eri Román at SoloHit Studios in San José.

“Entheogen” Track Listing
1. The Quantum Rapture
2. In the Womb of Chaos
3. Portal to the Oneiric
4. The Arrival of Saturn
5. Suspended Over the Abyss
6. Evoking a Dead Sun
7. Sulphur
8. Neux Ex Machina
9. The First Incarnation
10. A Balance of Opposites
11. The Emerald Vision
12. Red Pulvis Solaris
13. Enantiodromia

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