CRUCIFIED BARBARA split up: ‘The Joy Of Playing Together Got Lost’

CRUCIFIED BARBARA split up: ‘The Joy Of Playing Together Got Lost’

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Swedish female rockers CRUCIFIED BARBARA have called it quits, two years after the release of their fourth album, “In The Red”.

The band said in a statement: “Today we are sad to say that a long journey has come to an end. CRUCIFIED BARBARA were our dream and you all, made it come true!

“The times we’ve had together as a band and shared on (and off) stage with you guys, leaves memories that no time can kill.

“Our lives have parted and we need to move on. The last years have taken its toll on all of us and the joy of playing together got lost somewhere along the way. But we are musicians at heart and the last chord is not taken for any of us, so we will probably see each other again, under different circumstances and in other variations.

“Thanks to everyone we worked with during the years who believed in us when no one else did. But without you, our fans, we wouldn’t have seen the beauty and the strength of what rock music can do. Thank you again for making our dream come true!

“All the best and biggest respect!”


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