Dark Forest “Land of the Evening Star” review

Dark Forest “Land of the Evening Star” review

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Dark Forest “Land of the Evening Star”

Bleak Art Records

It’s a total sickness with these band titles… Hey, musicians! – How long will you make these forests? There are: black, dark, Carpathian, even the same titles but on other languages!!! I have count 8 of such Dark Forests!!! Looks like David (band leader and the only musician) have great musical ideas, but he couldn’t think out some more difficult band’s title:). Well, forgot, fuck all these titles and etc, let’s listen to the music itself, luckily music here is pretty nice and interesting (I’ll not write about band’s title anymore:)). We have here epic and atmospheric Black Metal, made in such way we would like to hear. Guitar’s parts doesn’t sounds like one whole mess, and doesn’t sounds like keyboard’s layer, but pretty well crossing, making awesome musical sound, playing by tremolo, by riffs, by solos and etc… Mentioned above keyboards sounds as well, beautiful and majestic, adding great colors into the excellent music! Btw, speaking about keyboards – they had reminded me such bands like Nokturnal Mortum!!! Yeah, what to add, David makes great even drums!!!

As a result we have Atmospheric Black Metal, far not original, but pretty beautiful and like majestic even!



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