Interview with JORD

Interview with JORD

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Hi! Your band name, Jord, translates to “Earth” in Swedish. How does the concept of Earth and nature influence your music and lyrics?
Hi there! Its my main source of inspiration. I spend a lot of time out in nature on my own and you discover a lot of sounds, energies and orchestral like sounds out there if you listen. Also you get a sense of the old stories and mythologies when you go deep into the woods. Its an amazing place.

Jord started as a one-man project and later transformed into a trio. How has this change impacted your creative process and the dynamics within the band?
It hasn’t impacted me so much right now. The recording process was very different this time. But I think that my writing will be more affected for the next album. Because now I know what the members of Jord can do for the music. I look forward to that.

How do you approach the balance between the historical elements and contemporary issues in your songwriting?
I use these subjects to tell my story. I don’t really think about the balance that much. It balances it self with the music I believe. For me music is like a bag of mixed candys, you want a little bit of everything. And that’s how I write as well.

Could you share some insights into the specific folklore and mythologies that have inspired your lyrics? How do you research and incorporate these elements into your music?
I read a lot and I’m just a very curious person. And I’m especially interested in history, religion and all that surrounds those subjects. I wrote one song titled Mara for example who is a metaphor for bad behaviour really. The myth about the Mara is still very relevant today. The Mara is a female creature who can shape shift and is driven by jealousy and terrorizes mainly men to make them suffer. Not unknown behaviour today haha.

Jord’s music is often compared to bands like Enslaved, Vintersorg, and Borknagar. How do you feel about these comparisons, and what do you think sets Jord apart from other bands in the genre?
I have to catch up on Vintersorg and Borknagar but Enslaved is a big inspiration. I like them alot for their first split cd with Emperor. But mainly for the fearlessness in creating what ever you want. They really stretch genres and how to write songs. I like that alot.
And if people compare Jord with other bands its absolutely fine. I hope Jord can bring something more to the table. Maybe now maybe later. I will keep writing albums and they can take any shape or form. The mysterious forces of nature will always be there.

How do you perceive your musical evolution from early albums to the upcoming release of “Tundra”?
The evolution is going in a natural flow I think. I keep learning new things for every album and I hope it shows for the listener. I fantasized about making three albums when I was forming Jord. And so far its as I expected. And even better I think. Especially going from solo to a band. It affects the sound radically. In a good way.

The title “Tundra” suggests a barren, cold landscape. How does this imagery reflect the atmosphere and mood of the album?
Yea that’s the overall picture I have of the album. It sort of summarizes the feeling and point of the album. When you embrace it you see all the nuances and intriguing scenarios that take play there. And its home.

Can you describe the creative process behind crafting the intricate melodies and soundscapes that characterize your songs?
It usually starts whit me getting a certain feeling for something and if I’m close to my home recording station I sit down and start to play around with the guitar and drum programming.
Sometimes I start with drum programming because I just got a drumbeat in my head. Once the foundation is settled I start trying to find the guitar melodies to hopefully make the hairs on my arms stand up. And most songs is written as instrumental songs. Then I add vocals to rhythmically add more to it. And if needed I add some clean vocals.

Could you share your experience of working with Hammerheart Records and how it has influenced the production of your new album?
Im very happy to have signed with Hammerheart. They have really been great to deal with. And that influences me to be better at what I do. The process have gone by very smooth. They have had good input on the track list and choosing singles as well.

What message or emotions do you hope listeners take away from this exploration of societal struggle and resistance in your music?
I hope people fills up with a sense of fighting spirit and connection to where you come from and belong. An urge to explore Mother Earth. And to connect with people like yourself.
Put on the headphones and drift away.

Your band draws inspiration from northern nature and mysticism. How do these natural elements influence not only your lyrics but also the overall aesthetic and visual aspects of Jord, such as album artwork and stage presence?
It definitely reflects on the artwork. On stage its a little bit toned down. We have symbols for earth and black clothes to let the music be the spectra of colors in the experience.
We might develop this as we go. Im curios to see where that goes actually. I imagine us on bigger stages eventually and we want people to have something interesting to look at.

How do you personally connect with the emotions in your songs, and how does this emotional connection fuel your creativity?
The emotions in the songs are mine so I connect fully to that. The more we play the more it fuels me.

As a band based in Sweden, how do you feel your geographical location and cultural background contribute to the essence of Jord’s music, especially considering the rich history of metal in Scandinavia? Thank you for your time!
It contributes a lot. Sweden is a big country with few people. And the metal musician community is quite small. I have played in bands since 1990 with a lot of great and some famous metal musicians and it have had a huge impact on me for sure.
Thank you for inviting me to this interview, much apreciated.
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