Defiled Release Live Video For “Centuries”

Defiled Release Live Video For “Centuries”

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Death metal maniacs DEFILED are now premiering a brand new live video for the track ‘Centuries’ which is taken from their freshly released album ‘Infinite Regress’. The video, which was shot during the bands latest show in Tokyo,  can now be viewed now!

The band comment on the video:

“We just finished self-isolating at our homes for 14 days since we got back to Japan on March 14th and all of us are alright with our health. So we think it’s a right time to tell you our update. As many of you already know, our European tour was cancelled after 5 shows with mighty Vader, Chronosphere and Fallcie. That sudden cancellation happened by the government decisions beyond our control. The tour was short but great and we sincerely apologise for all the fans who expected to see us in Europe. We’ll try to come back there when a normal life comes back and hope it’ll be coming in not so distant future. In the meantime, please check our live footage. Now it’s a difficult time for everybody in the world. Please stay healthy and be safe.”

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