Review: DunkelNacht ”Ritualz Of The Occult”

Review: DunkelNacht ”Ritualz Of The Occult”

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French/Dutch black death metal band, DunkelNacht, came up with a new release, an EP under the name of Ritualz Of The Occult.

Ritualz Of The Occult has everything to be matched as a black metal album, same time death metal. I can say the band is bit similar as the Polish black/death Hate and Swedish black metal band Dark Funeral, but the vocals are going more in the black metal direction.
First three tracks embrace black metal elements, when the fourth track, ‘’Emblem Of Diluted Deism’’ I can hear pretty much death metal influences. The EP is well recorded, the sound is good, guitar riffs etc.


So far is a good blackened death metal release in the underground I’ve heard this year and I recommend DunkelNacht. Sometimes underground bands who are trying to make themselves more known, release amazing albums and in this case, metal fans should discover these bands and give them a try and about DunkelNacht, fans of black metal to check this band out and ‘’Ritualz Of The Occult’’!

Ritualz Of The Occult
Pretty Lovesick Funeral
Emblem Of Diluted Deism
God To Gold (Gold To God)



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