Elegy Of Madness enters the studio and re-sign WormHoleDeath records deal

Elegy Of Madness enters the studio and re-sign WormHoleDeath records deal

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Elegy Of Madness re-sign with Wormholedeath, join “Opera Core” and announce the beginning of the new production during August 2016 at Realsound Studio (Italy), plus Mix/Master with Chris Donaldson at The Grid (Canada).


The label stated: We are proud to announce that Italian Symphonic metallers Elegy Of Madness will remain part of the Wormholedeath family! They have, in fact, signed a new licensing deal with our label and they’re ready to enter RealSound Studio (Parma) during August 2016 to record their Third album titled “NEW ERA”. It is already decided, thanks to a new sound direction (created by the band with the new members and near to Wormholedeath’s sound imprint Opera Core), that Chris Donaldson will mix and master the album.

Aswell, the band mentioned:  We are proud to announce, throughout 10 years of continued work, the renewal of the publishing and recording contract with WormHoleDeath Records. This choice is based on the reciprocal respect and trust which has been reinforced, more and more, during these years of partnership. This label, represented by its founder Carlo Bellotti, has traced the rut of our musical and professional growth and has given us the freedom in songwriting while enhancing our potential through many prestigious Live Concerts such as “Exit Festival” (Serbia) and various Opening Acts. Together with Carlo, we have decided to celebrate our 10th year of activity in the best possible way: we are going to work on the third album titled NEW ERA!!! This new album is the result of an intensive creative work, sound research and songwriting based on a futuristic themes which are being mixed together with our Symphonic Metal roots and electronics to form a new and oustanding sound. The release date and our tour are already scheduled for the beginning of 2017. We can’t wait to share this wonderful news with our fans as a result of a great and satisfying work.


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