Elvarhøi Reveal New Video And Details From The Upcoming Album

Elvarhøi Reveal New Video And Details From The Upcoming Album

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Folk metallers from Elvarhøi are soon ready to release their new album entitled as Dansen Låter Fra Graven Ater. The album will be out on October 30th via the band’s own label Ramljod Records.

Below you can watch the video for “Vertshuset Dovregubben”, which is in the form of a fascinating screen capture of the work of artist Even Mehl Amundsen, taking the viewer through the process he underwent to create the beautifully detailed cover art for Dansen Låter Fra Graven Ater.

The song is about a plucky youngster who, one especially cold winter night, comes across an invitingly warm tavern, filled to overflowing with all sorts of characters and strange artefacts. Here he witnesses his first hangin – that of a fiddler accused of possessing the good people of the town. As the noose tightens, it generates a tone that resonates within the fiddle, which starts to play on its own, and before his mind’s eye, the fiddler can see the long afterlife amongst the hills that awaits him and all the others in the room.



Hva er en konge?


Det grå riket

Vertshuset Dovregubben


Tilbake til intet

Kalde netter

Pre-order the album: https://elvarhoi.bandcamp.com/album/dansen-l-ter-fra-graven-ter

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