Evaporates Sores “Ulcerous Dimensions” [Sentient Ruin Laboratories]

Evaporates Sores “Ulcerous Dimensions” [Sentient Ruin Laboratories]

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The heavy electronic noise sludge doom death metal of Evaporated Sores may be the most vile thing I’ve heard all year. It’s violent and a little bit gross. I wish I had never heard it, and yet I can’t stop listening.

Heavy really is the word to describe Evaporated Sores. It’s frankly massive. There’s heavy music, and then there is weaponized audio. Evaporated Sores lands somewhere between the two. It’s glorious.

Tempos rise and fall, giving the album a theatrical sense of pacing, with noise coming and going in all directions. The mix lends itself with great purpose to the album by creating an incredibly dense sound that is at once disturbing and welcoming. It invites you into its folds with the tenderness and irresistibility of some enchanted meat grinder. You simply can’t resist it.

As far as experimental music goes, this shit is golden. It’s not for everyone, but it doesn’t care. It doesn’t even care about the people it is for. It is chaotic beauty at it’s best. Give it a listen if only for the experience. Then take a shower. And then listen again. For some reason, you’ll want to.

Release date: September 3rd, 2020


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