Exclusive premiere: Accursed Spawn “Dogmatic Affliction” (Guitar Playthrough)

Exclusive premiere: Accursed Spawn “Dogmatic Affliction” (Guitar Playthrough)

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Accursed Spawn The Virulent Host was released on March 22, 2019 via PRC Music. Now you can check Guitar Playthrough for the song “Dogmatic Affliction”!

Guitarist Paul Kelly comments:

“Dogmatic Affliction starts you off with a groovy kick mixed with some brutal riffs that progressively gets more frantic throughout the song. This one makes for a solid closing track to ‘The Virulent Host’ record… personally one of my favorites to rip through.”

Accursed Spawn was founded in Ottawa in 2010 with a singular purpose: to transform raw aggression into music. The band mixes influences from old and new forms of extreme metal, resulting to date in a renowned energetic live show, and a handful of recorded songs. Whereas many bands remain on one creative trajectory, Accursed Spawn has taken the path less traveled and would see their sound evolve through time.

The band has strived to form a unique sound and style that stands apart from the crowd. This has taken the form of a mix of demos and EPs since 2010 as the group methodically worked their way towards the finessed and intricate sound they now wield in weaponized form.

Accursed Spawn prides themselves on professionalism, and their upcoming album The Virulent Host is a testament to that ethos and is the natural next step in the evolution of the band’s musical expression. While many releases are rightly viewed as a mere “snapshot in time” of where a band is, The Virulent Host represents a fully realized vision culminating years and countless hours spent to realize their greatest musical potential to date. The end result is a fiery and passionate take on modern death metal, influenced by thrash and brutal death that stands head and shoulders above many of their contemporaries.


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