Exclusive premiere: Anoxia “To The Lions”

Exclusive premiere: Anoxia “To The Lions”

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Danish heavy metal band Anoxia present their first single “To The Lions” from their upcoming album.

The song is rather special since it is kind of a celebration to the biggest metal festival in Denmark.

The band explains:

“To The Lions” is a track with lyrics written immediately after returning home from COPENHELL 2018. A sort of unofficial tribute to the festival, the scene and the dedication of the metal crowd, written down and recorded still with the classic panicking feeling hitting you every year “is it already over – what now?”.

The song is taken from their upcoming album by the same name as the single “To The Lions” to be released later this year.

The album is mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios.

AnoxiA has spent the time since the release of their previous full-length, the critically acclaimed “A Lapdance For The Devil”, partially on the road and partially in rehearsal and the studio, crafting the 9 songs that would eventually become “TO THE LIONS”. The musical direction on “TO THE LIONS” is old school heavy metal – melodic, yet hardhitting and thrashy at times. At times even a modern twist sneaks in. The songs are carved around strong riffing a wide array of vocal variation, supporting the musical landscapes.

“TO THE LIONS” is in the natural vein of AnoxiAs previous works, not deviating too much from the recognizable AnoxiA-formula of heavy metal. However, this time AnoxiA decided on a more direct and clear edge to the sound, allowing the songs to speak more for themselves. The musical direction bears references to the likes of Iron Maiden, Slayer, In Flames, and a lot of classic hard rock and 80s thrash.

Guitarist Claus S. Nielsen states:

“This time our approach to the writing process was to create aggressive and raw, yet melodic and memorable heavy metal songs that first hit you between the eyes and then stick in your ears! That has indeed been a pleasant journey, however with many a fun detour along the way. ”

Vocalist and guitarist Lars Frederiksen elaborate:

“We wanted to keep intact the AnoxiA trademark, but at the same time also to renew or refine our sound. By teaming up with our longtime friends, Ole W. Bertelsen (producing, recording, mixing)) and Simon Joergensen (drum recording) we gained a more direct and dynamic sound than the previous album. Adding Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios, who in fact did some of our first demos in 2000, for mastering the album, gave the new album the last boost and we’re very satisfied with the sound.”

AnoxiA is a well-established act on the Danish underground live metal scene, their longevity dating back 20+ years. Hell bent on having fun during performance, AnoxiA approaches any gig fully charged, sincerely convinced that in order for the audience to enjoy, the band must enjoy.

Lars Frederiksen – Vocal / Guitar
Claus S. Nielsen – Guitar
Allan Nielsen – Bass
Søren Frederiksen – Drums

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