Exclusive premiere: Ethereal Kingdoms “Heartchamber”

Exclusive premiere: Ethereal Kingdoms “Heartchamber”

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“Heartchamber” – the first story from the debut album of Danish theatrical symphonic metal act Ethereal Kingdoms.

“Heartchamber” tells the story of a broken connection between two people.

However, when we have forged a bond to someone, it doesn’t break just that easily.

It grows inside our chests, and we may remain in each other’s hearts for ages – sometimes for better, but often for worse. Like lost ghosts, we walk inside the chambers of each other’s hearts, even if we are the cause of each other’s misery. Despite the bond being broken, the connection is still strong through the pain and heartbreak that inevitably follows in the trail of romance. We bleed because we loved. Somehow, it is beautiful in all its destructive glory. A beautifully bittersweet glistening tale of love and loss.

The story draws on connections to the tales told in the band’s 2018 dual singles “Beginnings” and “Endings”, and the voice of the wrongdoer is embodied by Sofia Schmidt’s emotional vocals, featuring award-winning singer-songwriter Amalie Skriver on backing vocals.

Ethereal Kingdoms is a brand new symphonic metal act coming from Denmark. “Heartchamber” is taken from the coming debut album to be released through Mighty Music in autumn 2019 (date TBA).

Sofia Schmidt: Vocal, compositions, arrangements
Christian Rasmussen: Guitar, composition, arrangements
Jakob Holm: Bass
Jon Elmquist: Drums


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