Exclusive premiere: Meridian “The Devil Inside Us All”

Exclusive premiere: Meridian “The Devil Inside Us All”

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“The Devil Inside Us All” is the album opener for the new album Margin Of Error by Meridian released today on march 22nd. It kicks off the album with a groovy riff that sets the standard for the following songs.

Bassist Peter Bruun says:

“The music was written back in 2017. We were jamming on other new song ideas, and at one point Martin just came up with the first riff out of the blue. It sounded cool right away, so everybody jumped at it. Ideas came flying left and right, and within about half an hour, we had the music done. It was one of those magical moments that you can’t plan, but happens once in a while. Afterwards Lars put a nice melody one top of it, and we had a song. Klaus wrote the words about fighting inner demons”.

Margin Of Error is the bands third album. It’s recorded at Death Island Studio and is produced by guitarist Marco Angioni. It includes songs from the digital EP The Fate Of Atlantis released last year, including the single Fragments Of A Life.

Musically the album displays a varied landscape of melodic hardrock, hard hitting metal anthems and slowpaced heavy monsters. Songs with strong melodies and memorable choruses you can sing along to. It’s the most coherent and well crafted collection of songs from a band that’s better than ever.
Meridian is heading out on the road in 2019 to support the album.

Margin Of Error is released March 22nd on cd, lp and digital.
Margin Of Error is recorded at Death Island Studios. Produced, mixed and mastered by Marco Angioni.
Cover artwork and band photo by Lena Angioni.

Lars Märker – vocals, Martin J. Andersen – guitars, Marco Angioni – guitars, Peter Bruun – bass, Klaus Agerbo – drums


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