FALL OF CARTHAGE “Behold” review (written by Acid Zombie)

FALL OF CARTHAGE “Behold” review (written by Acid Zombie)

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Modern Metal? Why Not. The more so FALL OF CARTHAGE is not another looking like “backstreetboys with electro guitars” outfit, but pretty might three-pieces band headed by Arkadius from SUIDAKRA and Martin Buchwalter from PERZONAL WAR on drums. The album was recorded in Gernhart Studio so sound is clear and quality of producing is great and now we turn to describing of the music.
FALL OF CARTHAGE’s version of metal has a strong thrash foundation with groovy riffs and triggered drums, catchy melodies and several types of vocal, sometimes reminding me Phil Anselmo’s roar and Rob Flynn’s outcries. Also present in the songs interesting arrangements with unexpected effects. Nonetheless, the structure of most songs is typical for this music style, and I couldn’t find something original or unusual. So very hard to identify the most successful compositions, maybe headbangic “Leave Them Behind” or impetuous and melodic “Dawn Of Enemy”, or emotional “Degeneration”… Who Knows? I can only say that some of the songs are good for live-performing, but some songs are better suited for private listening with headphones. Whatever it was “Behold” is strong and confident debut-album that surely will find its audience. Anyway, I’m waiting for their next album.



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