Finnish OPPRESISON will re-release demos on Xtreem Music

Finnish OPPRESISON will re-release demos on Xtreem Music

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Not many people actually knows about the existence of this extraordinary finnish band called OPPRESSOR that lived between 1987-1992 and recorded 4 demos and a 7″EP, but the fact that they never reached a big audience doesn’t mean they’re an outstanding band!! Never is too late to discover a great band!!

Xtreem Music is rescueing these recordings and will release them on a CD entitled “Scars 1988-1990” contaning 10 songs (clocking 65 min.) with songs taken from their demos and 7″EP. The music OPPRESSION played was a killer Thrash Metal pretty much inspired by INFERNÄL MÄJESTY, DARK ANGEL & HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH that later developed into a more technical and progressive style, that still retaning the mentioned influences, also adopted inspiration from acts like MEKONG DELTA, CORONER, DEATHROW…

Release date for “Scars 1988-1990” is set for March 20th and in the meantime, you can listen to an advance track

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