Forgotten Path magazine #6 released

Forgotten Path magazine #6 released

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For the third year in sequence, the month of November brings the new issue of “Forgotten Path Magazine”. We officially announce that the 6th cycle of our publication is officially released! The thickest edition we have ever made – 132 professionally printed b/w pages – includes interviews with:

Nivlhel [Swe], Anthro Halaust [Ukr], Living Altar [Ltu], Pestilential Shadows [Aus], Drunemeton (ex-Heresiarch Seminary) [Rus], “Oaken Throne Zine” [Usa], Gorrch [Ita], Necrohell [Gre], Thorybos [Ger], Graveborne [Fin], Devlsy [Ltu], Saligia [Nor], Inthyflesh [Por], Serpents Lair [Den], Popravčí Vrch [Cze], Inquisitor [Ltu], Zargof [Bra], “Grom Records” [Ser], Slidhr [Irl], Grave Miasma [Gbr], Norman Shores [Fra], A.M.S.G. [Can], Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult [Ger].

Therefore, it offers three special articles (on best albums from Greek scene during several pats years, on Niklas Kvarfort’s (Shining) activity, and post-invasion into Black Metal), as well as usual reports from local fests and review sections.

The price is usual – 6 Euros + shipping costs. All order can be booked through Now!!!

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