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5 X 2016 Malmö, Moriskapaviljongen

I came even few minutes earlier than gig should take its beginning, what wasn’t easy because I had first to take a train from this fuckin’ village where I have to live now and then bus no. 5,  and… Doors was closed, anybody was inside to ask what the fuck happens. What made me even more confused there was anybody outside. It was looking like gig would be canceled. But I decided to wait until somebody will open it or at least come out and tell what’s up.  Then came some guys and told me that gig will take beginning at 18.30. So we were waiting together. Finally they opened the gates and we went to the hall – not only our four because in meantime came another three, maybe four people. But doors to the place where gig should take place were still closed. So we (our four) went to drink, talk a little. Time passed quite fast and…

At more or less 19.30 on stage went out a girl and four guys – BASTARD GRAVE from Hel(l)singborg. They didn’t many unnecessary words and begun to play. Sound was excellent (as always when I visited gigs in Malmö or Copenhagen) , so I don’t have to look for their music on YouTube or somewhere to tell you what kind of Metal they played on the gig. It was just a Death Metal. And you must know that it’s classic Death Metal on very high level. I didn’t know creativity of this band before I saw them on the stage, so I can only guess that they presented material from their first and the only full-length (before that they released only a demo – they’re quite young band which was formed in 2012) “What Lies Beyond”. Vocalist was jumping on whole stage, headbanging, falling on knew… To tell it more clearly: he was flailing as deliriously, as we say in Poland. It meant that  we got really great show. Drummer used a lot of cymbals what I always connote with one of the best, surely Polish, Death Metal drummers I ever heard. Docents, Bro, we all miss you as hell!!!  By the way, I never saw here so huge delay with a gig. So maybe organizers did it especially to “force” bigger number of fans on the first band?!? I remember how it was on SUFFOCATION – their first support played really great, but there were maybe 15 people with them in the auditorium, so…

To be honest on stage happened more than under, but it’s unfortunately (at least for me) nothing new or special in Malmö. The same rather cold response met another band. There were a little more headbangers directly under the stage – maybe 4 instead of 1 on previous band… heheheheeh…, but asking of Elizabeth – voc, Mio or Mary (both guit) to come closer to the stage met rather indifference. I have no fuckin’ idea why the hell?!? Girls, except mentioned ones there play also Madeleine – bass), and a drummer Mac who was born in the city where their base have one of my favorite band gave really energetic show. Girls were really wild and crazy!!! Almost whole the time some of them (or all) pirouetted with her (their) head(s) – in Poland we just call it  by making a mills, especially Elizabeth was now flailing as deliriously around whole the stage. She practically moved all the time. Well, her friends made it, too. Maybe in to a little lesser degree than frontgirl, but they had instruments to play, so it was surely pardonable. The same like in case of Mac with whose instrument it’s rather hard to move somewhere… ahahahahahahahahahahahah… By the way, I connoted Elizabeth hell knows why with pure legend of female extreme Metal vocalist – Lori Bravo. It wasn’t about the music (early NUCLEAR DEATH played ,ore extreme, with elements of Grindcore), way of screaming or looks. Maybe it was about this wildness on the stage?!? Who knows?!? OH… I almost forget to write what play FRANTIC AMBER. But only almost… heheheheeh… They call their music by Melodic Death Metal. Hm…with “Death Metal I’ll agree on 10000000%, but “Melodic”?!? OK, but let’s leave these divagations on some other occasion. The fact is that our friends from the capitol of Sweden gave really great show, maybe even the best one this evening…

Some amateur pics:

It of course doesn’t mean that headliner, in other words ENTOMBED A. D. didn’t give very good show!!! NO, NO, NO!!! They were also great, really great! Well. let’s be honest – if somebody played in his life in so many bands, including pure legends of Swedish, and not only, Metal scene like NIHILIST, MORBID, CANDLEMASS or (there they all met each other) ENTOMBED than he knows very well what to do on the stage, how to get good contact with public and so on. The best is that these Metal veterans do what they do because they love Metal. I could see this during their, the longest this evening (as it’s always or at least mostly in the case of headliner) gig! Everything they did was spontaneous. I had never memory to tittles if it’s about new albums, so I only suppose that guys played material from their second and last in the same time album “Dead Dawn” released this year. Anyway, under the stage finally begun happen a little more (also thank to girls, Mac was rather staying and watching, from F. A. – in case of Malmö’s gigs three more headbangers means really a lot). There was even some diffident dummy run of pogo. But after maybe, in the best case, 10 seconds it took its finish.

Well, as I said once, I’m from another fable – as we say in Poland. For me such rather cold reaction of fans means almost scorn, to don’t use tougher word, for the band. By the way, now I’ll do something what I did never before and will, rather never do later. TACK SÅ JÄTTEMYCKET ELIZABETH att du fortfarande pratade till mig på svenska när du fick veta att jag är från Polen!!! Andra, i alla fall de flesta, när ska få veta detta byter direkt till engelska tyvärr. Fattar inte för fan varför… Kanske nästa gång ska jag börja svara på spanska istället, då?!? Ahahahahahahahaha…

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