Gig report: Belphegor, Suffocation, God Dethroned & Nordjevel @ Quantic Club, Bucharest- April 23rd

Gig report: Belphegor, Suffocation, God Dethroned & Nordjevel @ Quantic Club, Bucharest- April 23rd

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Black and death metal, that is the description of April 23rd evening.

First time seeing Belphegor, Suffocation, God Dethroned and Nordjevel. The show was opened by Darkside (Austria), but I arrived just afther they finished their set, I arrived just in time when the Norwegians of Nordjevel hit the stage. Their show was good, playing both songs from their newest album and also songs from the previous albums, by then, the crowd begun to gather slowly.

Quite impressed by the performance of God Dethroned, energic, here and there moshpits were on, the Dutch really kept on the crowd active, it was a great atmosphere around, even when the crowd were calling for them, you know ”We want more!!” also their setlist was good, playing even their old school songs, I recognized their 2010 song ”Storm of Steel”… A band I would definitely want to see again!

Next up, some brutal death metal at its finest, Suffocation! Since the begining they hit the stage, everything was crushing, was brutal, the crowd became crazy, almost their entire show the moshpit was on. Always nice when the bands are playing your favorite songs, the death metallers did not dissapoint me playing ”Jesus Wept” and ”Pierced From Within”, one of my favorite, but their entire set was good (br000tal)!

And the last band of the evening, which I was looking forward the most to see, Belphegor. We got ready for a ritual like (smelled of incense), vocalist and guitarplayer,Helmuth and bassplayer, Serpenth are like the ”cherry on the top”, both of them highlighting everything, song like “Devil’s Son”, ”Lucifer Incestus” and ”Baphomet” were conturing a good dynamic of the show. Well, half of their show I was listening from the outisde, because I met the guys from God Dethroned and the bassplayer of Nordjevel, so we had a ”small talk” to say so.

After all, was an amazing evening, despite being busy with the finals, I managed to attend such a great event, meeting the bands, taking pictures, talking, having fun you know. It rarely happens to be like this, but I’m looking forward to see these all bands again very soon!


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