Review: Grave Dust “The Pale Hand” [Children of the Abyss / Crypt of the Wizard]

Review: Grave Dust “The Pale Hand” [Children of the Abyss / Crypt of the Wizard]

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Grave Dust came across my radar when seeing a post by the frontman of their fellow death metallers Coffin Rot. Hailing from Portland as well, they create an abrasive and to-the-point brand of the style, cutting any and all bullshit from the platter. Their EP The Pale Hand is exactly that. It allows only enough room for strong riffage and comprehensible vocals that all throwback to the earlier styles of the genre.

The entire release is a massive blend of steady rhythms combined with tremolos, stomps, and horror-dense effects. Synths are added to the background of some songs, not enough to overpower anything but only to compliment. “Rotting With Evil” is a horror-drenched tune displaying this at its finest, and is likely the best song here. It ends with an extra kick of horrendous gutturals to add that much more deadly life.

Closer “Purgatory Alone” has similar vibes, but thrown into that formula is doom metal attacks that allow The Pale Hand to leave a deep impression. The earlier songs stick to a bit more of a traditional formula, save for the all-horror/synth intro track. The echo on the vocals heavily reflects the beastly leads that capture every feeling a death metal release of this type should hold. Anybody looking for a fast blast of fuming flames, look no further than this tasty EP by Grave Dust.

Release date: August 24, 2018

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