HAVOK – Release Lyric Video For “Post-Truth Era”

HAVOK – Release Lyric Video For “Post-Truth Era”

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Colorado-based thrashers Havok move forwards with the campaign for their upcoming new studio album “V”, set to be released worldwide on May 1st, 2020 via Century Media Records, by releasing its second single today…

Check out the album’s opening track “Post-Truth Era” in a lyric-video created by Cloud Music Typography here:

Havok guitarist/vocalist David Sanchez commented about the song as follows:

“Post-Truth Era” is debuting at a very uncertain time for humankind.  Many things are unclear at the moment, so I hope that this song will resonate with people.  Our species has overcome so much to get us where we are today.  We should not take this for granted.  Please pay attention to the lyrics and understand that we have the power to change our world.  We need to read between the lines, while keeping our spirits high.  Know that we are truly all in this together and we will come out of this situation, stronger and wiser than ever.“


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