Interview Alkaloid

Interview Alkaloid

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Interview with Linus Klausenitzer, the bass player of the German Extreme metal band, Alkaloid.

11214119_964386023583983_7314066329524006219_n Hi Linus, how things are going?
I couldn’t feel better. This month we played our first gigs with ALKALOID. After 3 great shows in Ireland we went straight to Egypt to shoot a video clip and play a show in Cairo. We were the first German Death Metal band that could perform there. This was a wonderful experience.

Tell me when Alkaloid was born.
Hannes Grossman is fan of the NONEUCLID album “Metatheosis”. Morean, now singer and guitarist in ALKALOID, wrote most of the songs on this album. When they met it was clear that they want to make music together at some point. After Hannes Grossmann and Christian Münzner left Obscura it was clear what their next main band will be. We decided to make a crowdfunding campaign to fund the first album and collected way more money that we planed to get. This was a perfect starting point.

This year you have released the debut album entitled ”The Malkuth Grimoire”. Tell me about it.
It’s a very progressive album. The music is a mix of the characteristic playing style of every band member. The songs combine elements in music that we love and couldn’t use for our other bands. The fact that everybody has a very own musical character and a lot of experience doesn’t make the album sound like a typical debut album in my opinion.

Have you received good reviews about the album?
We can be very very happy with the reviews so far. We have a lot of full point reviews and I couldn’t find any magazines that hated us so far.

Did you start writing new materials?
At the moment we are discussing what the next release will be. We would already have enough new songs for an EP. I would wonder if we don’t release new music next year.

What are the band’s influences?
The most influences you can here are coming from the former bands of all musicians. You will hear elements of Obscura, Necrophaghist, Noneuclid for sure. I sometimes think that I hear influences by Rush, Yes and Pink Floyd. Those are sounds that you won’t find in any of our former bands.

Also, what are the lyrical themes?
Most lyrics on the album are based on the main idea of the album title. In the Kabbalistic tree of fife „Malkuth“ is the final station that stands for the physical universe. A „Grimoire“ is a book full of magical spells and miraculous signs. People declare anything to be magical that they can’t explain themselves in a rational way. Science has already disproved millions of magical conceptions in history but still people believe in gods. Even if we don’t understand all aspects of our life, it’s necessary to realize that the physical world is complex enough to contain everything we call magic.

Are there any shows confirmed so far?
We’ve just made our first shows with the band and wanted to know how those would work out. After the success of those shows we are now ready to book more.

Do you have a message for the fans?
We are so thankful for your support! It started with a huge sign of trust with the success of crowdfunding campaign and now we still can’t believe how you reacted at our first live shows.

Thank you Linus for yout time. All the best!
Thank you for the interview!

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