Interview: Amaranthe

Interview: Amaranthe

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In October Amarathe released their new sixth album Helix and almost immediately went to tour with Powerwolf and Kissin’ Dynamite. Shortly before the album was released, we asked some questions, that were answered only in the middle of the tour, therefore some answers can be seen a little bit irrelevant. Answered by Johan Andreassen.

Hello! How are you?
Hi… all good! We are currently in Leipzig, Germany!

As I know, you made Helix just in two month. It was only recording process or the whole work from writing music to the end-product?
The album was written in 2 months and then the recording process took 2,5months!

In interview with in 2016 Elize said about Maximalism: “The process was a little different from the previous ones because we actually had time to sit down and think a lot about how we could make some changes in the sound without changing too much of course.” How it was with Helix, that also quite different from its predecessor
I think you could say that the writing for the Helix just came natural and when Olof and Elise switch on their creativity it flows good.

“GG6”, if I remember it right, is an only song in an album where clean male vocals are absent. It was intended that way?
It was intended so that Henrik could show of his skills 😉 people tend to forget that growling actually is something very technical and not just screaming! And i do believe that Henrik has perfected that skill and by doing so really raised the bar for other growlers.

Since I heard Amaranthe for the first time, I was curious about three vocalists and their vocal lines. How do you write them, or rather divide between three vocalists?
They are written with one singer in mind and also as a sort of compliment to each others.

I was surprised to find out that Olof also plays violin (and his technique influenced by my favorite Vivaldi). What about other members? Do they also play some “not-so-metal” instruments?
Not that I know… It’s only Olof that does stuff like that…

You have your own significant sound that you evolved over the years and continue to do it. Is it possible for you to reach some point in this development and stop there? Or I’ll ask it a little differently: can you imagine that you will release an album that would be totally the same with previous?
My opinion is that all the albums are the same sound but unique in its own way… You can clearly hear the Amaranthe sound on all albums.

Your new management is legendary Angela Gossow, former Arch Enemy front lady. What do you expect from this collaboration?
I think that the collaboration is gonna be really good for us and that we will reach new levels together with her.

Can you name three bands that are always in your playlists?
Oh… That’s almost impossible… All depends on the feeling of the day… But for me personally i would say at least Pearl Jam

You have a lot of shows all around the world. Is there any song that maybe you are a bit tired of playing it, but the crowd always wants to hear?
I wouldn’t say tired because when we play the songs live it’s a new experience everytime due to the crowd reaction… But some songs if I hear them is really tiring…

Let’s talk about touring: soon you will go to the Europe tour with Powerwolf and Kissin’ Dynamite. These are three totally different bands. Whose idea was to merge to merge these three bands in one tour?
I actually have no idea… As far as i know i believe that it was Powerwolf that asked us actually… But not supersure…

Wolfsnächte Tour hasn’t started yet, but it seems to be very successful. What do these two magic words “Sold Out” means for you?
A lot of things… Gratitude and appreciation because that means that we can keep on doing this for a long time!

A little bit trivial question: on October, 14 you will play in Israel for the first time. Which countries you are planning to visit this year or in 2019? Where do you yourselves want to play?
I really want to play all over the world…. One place i really wanna go to is Australia and i hope that will happen.

Thank you for the interview!
Thank you



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