Interview Cadaveria

Interview Cadaveria

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Interview with the Italian Black Gothic metal band, Cadaveria.

cada [800] Greetings Cadaveria, how have you been?
Hi, I’m very fine. Thanks. Busy with the live
gigs and some new compositions at the moment. Very excited and self confident.

First, tell me when Cadaveria was founded.
We were born in 2001. The band was founded by Marcelo Santos and I, after the split with our previous band. Since 2001 we have released five full length albums. The line-up was the same till 2009 when a second guitarist, Dick Laurent, joined the band. Recently we have welcome a new bass player, Peter Dayton, while Frank Booth, the other guitar player, is with us since the beginning. We play horror metal, a definition that means all and nothing and that leaves us free to include influences coming from Death metal to Gothic metal, passing through Black and Doom.

Last year you have released the fifth album under the name of ”Silence”, what can you tell me about it?
“Silence” is the album of our maturity as musician and human beings. It is the natural development of the previous album “Horror Metal”. “Silence embodies the spirit of CADAVERIA band, a free spirit opened to new experiences, to new dimensions, that have its roots in the tradition of heavy metal without forgetting that we are in 2015 and that things must be improved and contaminated to go on and to release something new,  interesting and satisfying. This time we worked a lot on the songs structure in order to make them harmonious and powerful at the same time. I also had long sessions with guitarist Dick Laurent to match lyrics with guitar riffs in terms of mood and melodies. The most evident result of this is that these new songs remain in your head and you want to sing them. So fans can expect this and much more: sinister atmospheres, great production and our best studio performance ever.

Have you got nice reviews about the album?
Yes, very positive, both from fans and critics.

Will you release new materials soon?
We are working on “something”, yes, but I cannot reveal anything at the moment. We will make an announcement in the next months, so follow us on for updates.

What are Cadaveria’s influences?
Personally I cannot identify any specific singer or band as my main source of inspiration. CADAVERIA members have a different musical background that goes from Venom and Celtic Frost up to the most modern or contemporary extreme music, without forgetting the Hard Rock from the Seventies. Probably this is the reason why our music sounds so personal and difficult to classify.

Are there any shows confirmed for this or for the next year?
Yes, we will play two shows in Germany at the end of October, then we will support Cradle of Filth for three shows in Italy, then Switzerland and back to Italy again to close this great 2015 full of satisfactions.

Do you have a message for the fans?
Be yourself and never give up. MEMENTO AUDERE SEMPER!

Thank you Cadaveria, cheers and all the best!
You are welcome. All the best to you too and to all our old and new followers. Keep on supporting Cadaveria!

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