Interview Deals Death (By Carla Morton)

Interview Deals Death (By Carla Morton)

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An interview with Olle Ekman, the frontman of the Swedish Melodic Death metal band, Deals Death.
1000138_585259214847630_1624635835_n Hi Olle, how things are going?
Hi. Thank you! Things are great, having a nice peaceful Swedish summer right now.

Tell me when did Deals Death was founded?
Deals Death was founded in Gothenburg in the early 2009. We played our first show in may 2008. At the time, Erik was attending the music university called Boomtown and his graduation concert was actually the first Deals Death concert though we didn’t have that name for the band yet.

The debut album was released in 2009 entitled ‘’Internal Demons’’. How the recordings were going?
The recordings took place in the Boomtown studio in Borlange-Sweden. We recorded during the fall of 2008. It was fun and inspirational process to record our first album. For that time, only me and Erik are still in the band today.

Tell me a few words about the second album ‘’Elite’’, released in 2012.
This album as actually recorded in 2010, which many people might now know, it was recorded at Svenska Grammofonstudion, it’s an old studio where a lot of famous Swedish music has been recorded. ‘’Elite’’ talks a lot about what happens in the world when ‘’too’’ few people rule everything, the ruling elite we call them. When they have too much power and influence they can do what they want: create new laws, have you under constant surveillance and put small companies out of business whenever they want in order to rule more and more aspects of our lives. ‘’Elite’’ deals with the dangers of that scenario.

‘’Point Zero Sollution’’ was released in 2013. Tell me about it.
‘’Point Zero Sollution’’ continues where ‘’Elite’’ ended and it adds reflections about resources and the oil supply that could come to an end. ‘’Point Zero Sollution’’ is basically a head up directed towards the wasteful and irresponsible actions of both the public and the governments of the world.
Are you going to release new materials soon?
We are working on a lot of new materials as we speak, because we have no label right now. We’re doing most things ourselves but we plan to have new material out next year. It’s gonna be incredible to show people how Deals death sounds like in 2016!


What are the band’s influences?
We were teenagers in the late ‘90’s so we are of course living and writing songs under the influences of Thrash and Death metal. The melodic metal bands from both Sweden and Finland sure made an impact on us when we grew up. We are also highly influenced by film scores and symphonic music aswell as some modern pop.

Any shows confirmed for this year?
Yes, we will do a show in Malmo-Sweden, togheter with The Resistance on October 31st.

A message for the fans?
We would like to thank you for the amazing support so far! It feels great to wake up every morning and feel a great spirit of the metal scene ever if you haven’t been a part of it for very long. Keep supporting the scene. And by the way, Romania is very precious to me personally. I had a great vacation there in July. I did a lot of hiking in the Bugeci mountains and I visited Sinaia, Busteni, Bran, Bucharest and Constanta. I did all this with very special person so Romania is forever in my heart now.

Thank you Olle, all the best!
Multumesc mult (thank you in Romanian) to all Romanian fans and from other countries too!

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