Interview Degenerhate (By Carla Morton)

Interview Degenerhate (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Gianluca Lucarini, guitar player of the Italian Grindcore metal band, Degenerhate.


Hello Gianluca, how have you been up to. Please introduce Degenerhate and when the band was founded.
Hello Carla, nice to meet you and thanx for having me in this interview. We are Degenerhate from Rome-Italy and we play unconventional grindcore. I started the band in 2002, and I’m actually the only one member from the original lineup.

Now talking about the released, you have an EP and a full-lenght. The full-lenght was released in 2013 under the name of “Chronicles of the Apocalypse”.
This is a little bit uncorrect.This our full discography:
1) Promo CD 4 Trax | Self released | 2003
2) The End Has Just Begun | Endless Brutality of Men Records | 2006
3) V.A. – Tribute to BLOOD | Alarma Records | 2014
4) Chronicles of the Apocalypse | Sliptrick Records | 2014
The full lenght album “Chronicles of the Apocalypse” has been released in 2014 by the label Sliptrick Records, but we have recorded it in 2013. We recorded and mixed the album at Playrec Studios in Rome, and mastered by Scott Hull (Brutal Truth, Anal Cunt, Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Phobia) at Visceral Sound Studio, in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

The debut release is the EP from 2005, “The End Has Just Begun”.
The Mexican label E.B.M Records, released the mini CD “The End Has Just Begun”. I still really like that EP! It was a mix of grindcore and death metal, with catchy riffs and a raw production. It was released in 500 copies, sold out in only one month.

Did you start writing new materials for a new album?
Yes, we have 4 new songs ready, they will appear in the split 7″ we made with the Belgian grindcore legends Agathocles. The split will be out in February. Plus, I’m working on new tracks for the next full lenght album.

What can you tell me about the influences of Degenerhate?
We are heavily influenced by old school bands like Extreme Noise Terror, Carcass, Terrorizer, Napalm Death, Suffocation, Disrupt. Our sound is an unique blend of all these influences, you can catch in Degenerhate’s music a touch of grindcore, crust, hardcore and death metal,all in one band!


You were supposed to play at Obscene Extreme Fest from CZ, what happened that you have’t played at all?
We didn’t play anymore at OEF and we still don’t know why.We were the most voted band on their site, but we didn’t play. Mistery….We still are the most voted band, do you think shall we play this year?

What about concerts, are you going to tour?
We are planning some gigs around Europe to promote the split 7″, so, keep an eye on our facebook page.

What is your opinion about the metal scene from Italy?
We have a lot of cool bands here in Italy, the scene is growing day by day, but unfortunately, we don’t have many decent places to play. Plus, in my opinion, we need a more cooperation between bands.

Is there anything else you want to mention about Degenerhate?
Yes, if want to tell to all your readers to like our facebook page, follow us on twitter and watch the videos on our youtube channel.

Thank you Gianluca. All the best. Do you also have a message for the supporters?
Thank you very much Carla for this interview, much appreciated it. I would like to thank Renzo Centofante from Bay Music store ( and Master Music, the Italian distributor for the brands Washburn Guitars and Randall Amplifiers, the gears I play. Stefano Mastronicola, Shorty, Silvia Autuori, Floriana Ausili and all the webzines, the radio stations, and people out there, for neverending supporting us. Thank you all and grind on!

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