Interview Denigrate (By Carla Morton)

Interview Denigrate (By Carla Morton)

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An interview with Seppo Nummela, the guitarist of the Metal band Denigrate from Finland.


Hello Seppo and thank you for your time. How have you been?
Hello Carla and thank you for doing this interview. I have been quite busy these past few months for trying to read the possible licence contracts and record deals. But otherwise everything is fine.

Initially the band was formed in 1996, you’ve recorded some demos and the first release came out in 2003 under the name of ”Dismal Euphoria”. Why took so long to release an album since you were formed?
It took some time to find the right members for the band and also the style of the music was still developing.  The second demo “suicide hymns” came out in year 2000 and the sound of the band was found. The quality of the demo was good and we finally approached the record label (Warner Music Finland). We got a deal and we were finally able to make our first full length album.

Speak a few things about ”Dismal Euphoria”.
It was certain how the album should sound like, dark and melancholic with nice melodies. We spent two weeks at the studio for recording the album. The album was released in 2003 and it reached position 33 in the Finnish music chart.

After 12 years, you’ve released a new album, ”Hollowpoint”. How the recordings were going?
Yes, it took some time to make the decision to release the album. The recordings took 4 years, because we did not have any schedule for it. We started to record the album for ourselves, but after a while we decided to release it and share it with the wider public also. We recorded the album ourselves in several places and I personally made the mixing, because I had a specific vision of the sound that I was after. When I was finishing the mixing process I asked from my friend Glen Loit to join me for the last details. Unfortunately the the mastering made the album sound less dynamic than the mixed version. But I am very glad for the result.


Have you got any reviews for ”Hollowpoint”?
Yes, we have got several reviews and they have been more than good (Moshville Times, Rock Music Raider (9/10), (8-/10), Metalliluola, The Grim Tower.. )

What is the theme of the new release?
There is no single theme, but the main themes are different forms of death and violence.

What does the cover of the album represents? 
It mirrors the anxiety that few songs of the album causes.

What about touring?
We would like to go on tour abroad, but it is quite expensive. We hope that someday it would be possible somehow. Let´s hope that we will get few good gigs in Finland in summer.. Tuska or other festivals.

As genre, you’re a Gothic metal, what are the influences of the band?
Yes, in a matter of fact I noticed that definition (gothic metal) when I was reading the reviews of our new album. I did not know that we were Gothic metal band. I don´t consider us as a Gothic metal band.. only metal band. We have many songs which don’t fit in that genre e.g. Exit the Lake Suicide, Bleed,Engraved and Hellhound, My Corrupter Soul.. so it´s weird.. I also read somewhere that we are progressive metal band.. what?  Our influences are Katatonia, Anathema, Testament, Soilwork, Type o negative, Paradise Lost, Machine head, Leprous, Devin Townsend and many more…

What message do you have for Denigrate’s supporters?
Thank you for listening our band and I hope to see you on the gigs. We have already started to compose new songs for the third album, so be tuned for that. We  hope that it will be released in 2017. And if you don’t have the “Hollowpoint” album yet, you can order it here: . You will get 6 bonus songs by buying the physical copy. 2 own songs and 4 cover songs of band as Alice in Chains, Testament, Anathema and Katatonia.

Thank you again Seppo, cheers!
Thank you so much, Cheers!



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