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When and how all began?

It started in 2007 when we met on my birthday party. Fabian and Mahne listened to metal and played guitar the howl day when I came to them.

What does it means the name DESERTED FEAR?

For us it means something like: Leave your fears behind!

But if you ask me, everyone can decide what he or she understands under Deserted Fear.

What are your main influences?

Death Metal! Haha! We listen a lot to At the Gates, God Dethroned, Dismember, Necrophobic, Illdisposed and also to old In Flames. I think we mix a lot of all these bands

How you guys think your fans and the media will get “Dead Shores Rising”?

It already has a good stand! We are on the third place of the “Soundcheck” in the German Metal Hammer Magazin and got some other good reviews. But most important is that we are happy with it and some fans also can enjoy our METAL!!!


We listen to Death Metal, want to make music and love it’s power. So it naturally comes to Death Metal!

If you have the possibility to have a special guest anyone who would you choose?

That definitely was Tomas Lindberg but this dream came true on “Dead Shores Rising”! Hes sings a passage on the Bonustrack, “The Path of Sorrow” and we are very happy about that! So, for the next time maybe Matti Kärki of Dismember! Hahaha!

Please tell us more about the music scene in EISENBERG?

Besides two coverbands there is a deathcore group. There are two music schools, but you can’t call it a scene.

How it is your relation with Century Media Records?

We have some friends working for Century Media, so it is a very good and friendly relationship. Also we have full control when it comes to songwriting and music releases.

Imagine you could be an animal, wich one you would choose?

I would be a whale I think! They swim a little, only have to open their mouth to eat and are in a happy mood all the time. There is no other possibility!

A final message to your fans and also our readers…

Thanks to all our metal brothers and sisters all over the world supporting us and our music. Hope to meet you at one of our concerts!

Thanks for your time.

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