Interview Elegy Of Madness (By Carla Morton)

Interview Elegy Of Madness (By Carla Morton)

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Elegy Of Madness is an Italian Symphonic metal band which soon will release a new album. You can read below an interview with Anja Irullo, the vocalist of the band.
logo Hi Anja, how are you?
Hi, I’m very well thank you. And you?

When did Elegy of Madness was founded? 
EoM was founded in 2006, by our guitarist Tony, with the aim to create innovative and unpublished songs that could express what we felt inside. In our music, we mixed gothic sounds and progressive elements.

The debut album was released in 2009 entitled “The bridge of Sighs”. How the recordings were going?
We recorded “The Bridge of Sighs” in our town (Taranto) at Master Recording Studio, thanks to the competence and cleverness of Marco De Bartolomeo. It was a beautiful experience and, once finished, we were happy and satisfied of our work.

“Brave Dreams” is the second album released in 2013 via Worm Hole Death records. Tell me about it.
I’m so proud of our second album: every song expresses our feelings and our personal growth. The meaning of “Brave Dreams” is very important for us because  it’s connected to the research in multiple schlerosis well known as “Brave Dreams”. Carlo Bellotti,the director of WHD records, appreciated our musical ideas and our sensitive soul so he proposed us a deal. We recorded our second album at Real Sound Studio with Wahoomi Corvi.

Did you receive good reviews about the album?
Yes, we received so many good reviews and we are honoured for that.

Are you going to release a new album soon?
Yes, we would like to release our third album in 2016 and we are working hard on new songs.

Who mainly writes the lyrics and what are the lyrical themes?
Usually I write all lyrics but in “Brave Dreams” Tony wrote the words of “Brave Dreams” and “For You”. My lyrics come from everyday life: what I live is what I write on paper. I would like to leave to all the people a message and reflection. Among the main themes: pollution that is destroying our town (Red Dust), mutilating practices for young women (Suad), legends (The spirit of the sacred willow) and a dedication to Alda Merini, a great italian poetress (21st March).
7y8 What are the bands influences?
Classical music, Epica, Kamelot, Dream Theater, Delain, Nightwish, Rammstein, Queen, Moonspel, Within Temptation, Slayer, Lacuna Coil, Symphony X, Amorphis, Paradise Lost and many others.

Are there any shows confirmed for this year?
No, there aren’t. We are working on our third album composing a lot of songs.

Do you have a message for the fans?
Believe in your dreams, what you think is what it will be realized.

Thank you Anja, cheers!
Thank you very much for your support!

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