Interview: Emilio of Possessed

Interview: Emilio of Possessed

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Hi Emilio! Your new album Revelations Of Oblivion is out very soon. How did the creation and recording of the album go?
Hello Gavin,
Thank you for the interest and interview.

The songs came out naturally once we had this lineup. All songs have that Possessed feel and with Jeff’s vocals it is amazing.
As for the recording very smooth. We all did our homework before going in the studio.
Peter Tagtgren was our engineer and he made everything smooth with no stress.

Did you approach the album with regards to making it as evil sounding and as evil lyrically as possible? What are the songs on Revelations Of Oblivion about?
Jeff’s lyrics are hypnotic. For me it’s like poetry. The feel of the music correlates with the lyrics.
The music had to be sick and heavy so no happy cheerleading riffs at all. Total brutality.
The songs are about everyday life and death. We are living in crazy times so you can relate the lyrics with current events.

This is the first new Possessed album in thirty-three years. How did it feel making a new Possessed album after all that time?
It felt great having these songs done and ready to release. The fans have been waiting so long and I’m definitely one of them. We are very proud of this album because we knew to release it meant it had to be close to perfect.

Did you feel pressure following up the classic Seven Churches and Beyond The Gates albums, especially after so long?
No pressure because Jeff is easy to work with as long as we are on it and professional. This lineup is that so it was easy to work with them.
The chemistry works perfect so all of us collaborating with ideas just flowed. Good criticism is welcomed. Whatever is best for Possessed is our attitude & with Nuclear Blast behind us, WE ARE LUCKY 🙂

Do you feel that new album comes from the same place and has the same spirit as those albums?
Yes we basically took a combination of Possessed last 3 albums mixed it in a wonderful tasting soup and served it warm and spicy. Many fans have asked to keep it old school Possessed so Revelations Of Oblivion is where the last 3 albums left off. Production wise it’s more modern but NOT too compressed and clean. Analog sound is important.

Who did the striking artwork for Revelations Of Oblivion?
Zbigniew M. Bielak is a polish artist, illustrator and architect. His 1st presentation was great but didn’t fit Possessed so we turned it down. Then he came up with this cover and we all new right away. That’s it. It fits perfect with the songs titles.

What led to you joining Possessed and how did it feel to be joining such a legendary band?
My previous band, Sadistic Intent, did the song Exorcist for the SEVEN GATES OF HORROR Possessed Tribute. We are all from California. When I quit Sadistic Jeff decided to focus on Possessed 100% and he asked me to stay with him. I’m so lucky & honored.
Thank you Jeff, my brother.

Were you a Possessed fan before you joined the band and what were your favourite album and songs?
My brother Eddie introduced Possessed to me & all underground music. Honestly when I had to learn the songs is when it took my soul.
All 3 albums are unique in style so I can’t pick 1 over the others.
Top songs from the past
Seven Churches
Eyes of Horror
Fallen Angel
March to Die
Swing of the Axe
Holy Hell &

You are touring Europe in June with Nordjevel. Are you looking forward to hitting the road again and what can fans expect from the Possessed live show?
JUNE we start the tour. This will be my most important tour because we are supporting this album backed by the almighty NUCLEAR BLAST.
Playing the old songs are cool but me as a musician can’t wait to play the NEW SONGS.
The new set will be tighter and more epic.
New banner, new merch, new album & New songs. We Can’t wait to work hard for the fans.
Because it is a lot of work. We are not rockstars with a huge budget so it’s all from our metal hearts.

Will your set consist of a lot of material from the new album and a host of earlier classics too?
Yes well mix it all up. I saw the set list and I personally feel we should play more New Songs. But at the end whatever is best for the band.

You’re playing a few festivals as well including Hellfest and Graspop. Do you prefer to play massive festivals or your own indoor shows or does it not matter as long as you are playing?
I love festivals because you can hit more of the market all in 1 location
Personally I feel more comfortable playing for huge crowds. The small clubs I’m more nervous but don’t tell the band that 🤪
At the end we’ll play anywhere because we are all glad to be in this band.

What have been some of your favourite festivals to play and what were the experiences like?
Wacken Germany 2007. 1st time ever in Europe and we played for over 70,000 people.
Hellfest 2011 because of a newer lineup.
Chile Santiago 2013. The fans are crazy.
(Much love for the Latinos)
Bloodstock 2017 because finally a live video of Possessed where you can hear everything. Nuclear Blast purchased the entire live performance and MIXED it Perfectly so when you buy the REVELATIONS OF OBLIVION you can see/hear the DVD/BLUERAY live performance with clarity.
Playing live, well there is no words to explain. Its like a brother/sisterhood gathering for the Love of METAL \../, ITS A LIFESTYLE

How does it feel to be in the band that influenced such a whole host of death metal bands from Death and Cannibal Corpse to Sepultura?
I still can’t believe I’m in the band. So lucky. The whole legacy of Possessed is epic and to play in this level is an honor. We all feel this way that is why we will work so hard for the fans & Nuclear Blast. Possessed members are very humble and we all realize we are nothing without the fans.

What are your favourite death and thrash metal albums of all time and why?
Favorite albums huh, wow so many. Ok here you go but in NO specific order:
– Dealing with it DRI (Felix drumming)
– Reign In Blood Slayer
(Guitar riffs & Dave’s drum style)
– Beneath The Remains Sepultura
(Igor’s signature thrash & brutal songs)
– Chapel of Ghouls Morbid Angel
(Pete’s signature grind & Trey’s sick riffs)
– Morbid Tales Celtic Frost
(Tom’s vocals and overall darkness. Simple but yet epic)
– World Downfall Terrorizer
(Again Pete is 1 of my favorite drummers & a personal friend, Jesse’s signature riffs)
– Infernal Devastation Destruction
(Schmier’s vocals and Mike’s guitar riffs)
– Cristo Satanico Asesino
(DINO & TONY’S are my brothers and the Asesino riffs are epic brutality, drummer is ok)

What have been some of the highlights of your career with Possessed so far?
Being Jeff’s true friend. Even IF I’m no longer in the band, I’ll always respect Jeff and his family. His Dad Ben is one of my best friends.
They took me in so I’m so honored & faithful. Also touring for the new album. Possessed fans are like no other. We love you all.

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