Interview Frosttide

Interview Frosttide

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Here is an interview I had with Joni Snoro, the vocalist and guitar player of the Finnish folk/epic metal band, Frosttide.


Greetings Joni. Please introduce yourself. When was Frosttide born?
Hello! I’m Joni Snoro, the founder, vocalist and guitarist of Frosttide.The idea of Frosttide came to my mind in the year 2009 and there the all begun!

Let’s talk about your latest release, ”Blood Oath”, what is the concept of the album?
“Blood Oath” album tells the story what happened before the time of “Awakening”. So in those 2 albums there is one huge story behind them. The saga starts from “Blood Oath” and continues to “Awakening’’.  In the beginning of “Blood Oath” there are people who are marching to the final war without any hope about the future and they have prepared themselves for the defeat. During the journey to the war, they meet a tribe who offers them help. They swear in BO that together they will fight this war. How does the war go? How the coexistence works? What happened after? That is up to the listeners to discover when they listen the “Blood Oath” and “Awakening” albums! Although ”Blood Oath” is concept album and every songs are part of the bigger story still for every song I have hidden story from our/ my own life so behind the song there can be 2 different stories. One from the real life and one from the story world which goes smoothly hand in hand.

If you have to compare ”Blood Oath” with the first album ”Awakening”, is the sound different between these two albums?
Yes there are lots of differences between these two albums. Both were done in that time what we were living at that moment and you can hear it from them. Our guitarist, Juho, mixed both albums and actually “Awakening” was the first album what Juho ever mixed! So you can hear also some development between these 2 albums.


Are you planning to release new materials in the future and what others plans do you have?
Yes, the plan is to release new music someday but at this moment is too early to say anything else. Let’s see what future brings for us!

What are the themes behind the Frosttide lyrics?
Until this day Frosttide lyrics have been mostly story’s what I have created. In those stories what I have wrote there is also that second meaning taken from the real life. Looks like that I’m some kind of escapist person hehe.

Talking about the influences, what are your personal influences?
I get my influences from many different things! Nowadays for me the biggest influences might come from that what’s happening in my life. Music is of course big influence too and in the atmosphere of it is the most important thing for me. Also things like nature, paintings and documents from TV for example can be good influences.

Can you mention at least your 6 favorite metal bands?
That’s a hard one because I listen to all kind of music. The genre doesn’t matter if the song is good! But all time favorite is still metal music from Finland! Especially some kind of folk/ symphonic/ epic metal music like bands: Nightwish, Ensiferum, Wintersun, Finntroll, Kalmah etc. I would want to tell you also about 3 “new” Finnish bands which are close to my heart at the moment! Those bands have released so great albums within a year and those bands are Brymir, Whispered & Vorna. Check them out!

You have shared the stage with other metal bands along the years, are there more shows confirmed for this year?
For this year there’re not much gigs coming anymore! We’ll focus to plan what happens in the future.

Thank you for your time. Do you want to tell a message for all Frosttide fans?
My pleasure! And to all Frosttide fans, thanks for the support! Cheers from Finland!


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