Interview: Gestalt of YSBRYD

Interview: Gestalt of YSBRYD

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Salutations and greeting, Gestalt!
As I understand it, you are part of the Bavarian elite Black Metal circle.  I would be grateful if you could run us through your musical history and perhaps even a little on the German scene as a whole, to me it seems to be bursting with talent.
Hello and thanks for the Interview and your interest in YSBRYD. I am located in South Germany but I am not especially involved in any Circle. I know Bands and People and also worked with some Bands but it is not under one special “Movement” by now.

My musical history lies within the brutal and heavy music scene. I played as a live Guitarist for some Bands and also wrote Music for certain Projects. Since I focussed on Black Metal in the last few years, there is not much other stuff next to it. Actual I do Ysbryd, play Guitars in Primaire (BM), Guitars and Vocals in Hound ov Hel (BM) and Infernal Fucklust (oldschool BM).

The German Black Metal Scene is really bursting with talent and creativity. It seems that life is getting harder for BM, as it seems it is getting a good target for Left Wing Activists but the Musicians seem not very impressed by now.

YSBRYD is a new project, by way of releases anyway.  Can you let us know what inspired you to do your own ‘one man’ project instead of joining an established band?
I just did not find any other musicians for a long time. The only way for many years to play Black Metal was to do it by my own. It is getting better and I found some good guys to transform the Projects into Bands.

As ‘Kraft’ is your debut release with YSBRYD, can you please enlighten us to the overarching concepts within?
The Concept is: Refuse the modern world and all of its unfaithful and dishonest Concept.

Find back to yourself, listen to the spirits within and seek power. Become the warrior you would fear the most: calm, powerful, hard and with no regrets.

So it´s all about a Transformation from “weak” to “strong”.

I’ve been a fan of Black Metal since I heard Immortal in the early 90’s, live and supporting Morbid Angel? Perhaps I’m way older than you (I’ve no idea) but tell us this, what got you into the darker side of heavy metal?
I am 40 years old. I came into the dark and brutal world of the Metal genre by following Bands:

Sinister, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Darkthrone, Satyricon, Marduk and Immortal.
Can you talk about the artwork for ‘Kraft’?
“ Kraft” means Strength. The Snow and the trees are a symbol of true power for me. The trees are big, strong and deeply rooted. But much can bring them down. Snow is cold, silent and deadly.

The Photo was taken in the Mountains of Slovenia where I was on holidays with my girlfriend. There was a heavy storm before the snow came and we were cut off Electricity and only had Candles, wood to make fire and a huge Mountainside full of Snow and Trees and Mountains.

This was intense and amazing. The true meaning of “Kraft”.

As a solo artist, can you see yourself approaching other musicians together in the future, for gigs and such?
Right now I am working with musicians and Ysbryd will have its first live Show in October 2019.

Primaire and Hound ov Hel are fully active Bands.

Onto some inspiration.

  1. Name some top musical inspiration?

– Black Metal and Nature.

  1. Have you ever dabbled in the dark arts?

– I was in a meeting of the OTO some time ago. But it was simply not my thing.

  1. What is your favourite quote and by who?

– Become the Enemy you would fear the most (unknown)

  1. What have been your favourite study topics?

– I did not study anything but I am forever impressed by the stupidity of humanity when it comes to religion and politics and….. hmmm everything else.

  1. Are there any philosophers or philosophies that you align with?

– Old Norse and German Pagan Themes. I am really into their direct link to Nature.

Would you care to talk about your actual recording process of ‘Kraft’? How long did it take? Run down on the instruments? Guitar tunings. Drum work etc.
“Kraft” was written and recorded in about 12 Sessions. The whole Album took about 5 months.

It was just like one stream so I really can´t tell you how long the single steps took.

Can you enlighten us as to any future plans for YSBRYD?
1 month ago I released 2 brand new songs on a Split CD with “Nebelgrund” and “Helsang” on “Winterwolf Records”

Right now I am working on the 2nd Album “MACHT” which will be released at the End of 2019.

“MACHT” means Power and is the next Step in the Concept.

Thanks very much for taking the time to speak with Antichrist Magazine, we as a whole extend our best wishes towards you and YSBRYD.  The last words are always given up to our gracious interview guest, take it away Gestalt…
I can only repeat myself for the 3rd time:

Thanks to you my friend and Antichrist for the Interview.

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