Interview: HEILUNG

Interview: HEILUNG

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“Amplified history“, that is the style Heilung call themselves. When I first heard their music, it really healed my mind and it was like I was into a different world.
Heilung released Futha this year, their second album which seems to be a more “feminine“ album than the debut one. I had the chance to interview Maria Franz, who has answered some of my questions about Futha, their public, the upcoming tours and others.

Hi Maria, is my pleasure having this chat with you! I’m impressed by the new album! I read somewhere that you consider this release “more feminine“. Why is that?
Thank you for reaching out. Futha contains more female voices and we chose more lyrics that derive in the old Norse originals from female characters. “Traust” f. ex. Contains words, that are chanted by a passed away mother for her son, blessing him for his life´s journey without her.

What is the story behind Futha?
Ofnir was a very masculine album, touching the primal expressions of the masculine. Futha is the counterpart, the balancing element. Equally primal, yet diving much more in the energy we see when lionesses hunt, or the endless strength which is needed to give birth. The story is only yet part of the greater story that Heilung tells within our albums and live rituals.

To create such music, from where do you get inspired?
We get inspired by old writings and carvings, but also a lot by nature, ancient holy places and the ever unchanged experience of being human: Pain, joy, fear and all the transcendal moments, unique for our species.

There are certain elements used by you guys such as the arrows, fire, old Norse. What else can you add here?
Full impact of a fist into a body, human bones, ice, Kai in trance, a choir of nine warriors, German dialects, birds, rattles with bronze age cremation remains…crazy enough?

Futha gave me lots of emotional vibes and by this, I definitely, hope one day, to see you performing. I watched Lifa, and I was like wow, if I’d be to one of your shows, I would not want to be over! It’s like a “ritual“, an emotional “ritual“.  What is your connection with the public?
We see the public as an independent, yet very closely connected element, clearly part of the ceremony, not just watchers. We perceive them not as individuals, but a living, carpet shaped individual, just like a huge bird flock becomes a shape or pattern in the sky. This weird being seems to recharge during the ritual, changing from an impatient, demanding thing to a roaring, excited mass.

Indeed, your music is healing the soul and the spirit. It worked for me while listening to your music!
Nice, that was exactly the plan. We use on purpose drum rhythms that are known to actively change brain patterns, and healing spells that are or were in use for centuries, if not millenniums. We also have people telling us that they even found relief or healing of physical conditions. But off course the mind and spirit holds the key to it all.

Soon you are ready for a North American tour, after the European one, that will start in October. What expectations do you have from the next tours?
Well, as good shamans we are of course free of expectations, and therefore free of disappointments too. The goal nevertheless is to bring an unforgettable, transcendal moment to the public, see beautiful places and connect with amazing people.

You will play two shows in Ukraine, what do you know about this country?
Ukraine has traditionally a tight connection to our home, Scandinavia. The empire of the Kievian Rus was heavily influenced by travellers, traders and warriors from Scandinavia, which we call Vikings today. Ukraine also holds treasures from the earlier iron age and migration period like the gothic settlements. The original home of that tribe is northern Europe.
Apart from that, Kai has been in Ukraine several times during his tattoo career and is really looking forward to return!

Also, don’t you have plans to visit Romania, again?
We have been there at the Dark Bombastic Evening last year and it was great! We would love to go back, let’s see what the future brings.

Thank you for your time! Hope to see you soon!
You are welcome, thank you for giving us the opportunity to deliver some words!

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