Interview Hibria

Interview Hibria

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Interview with Eduardo Baldo, the drummer of the Heavy/Power metal band from Brazil, Hibria.

Hibria - Self-Titled 2015 - Album Cover

Hi Eduardo, how are you?
I’m great! We have a beautiful tour in Japan, Canada, USA and Brazil coming up and we’re very excited to play the new and old songs!

When did Hibria was formed?
Hibria was formed in 1996 by Abel, Iuri and the previous members. I joined the band as a drummer in late 2005 and since then we’re rocking the stages!

You have released this year the self titled album, tell me about it.
It is a very truthful album, since we wrote exactly what we wanted to.  We listen to many different styles of music and we thought that it was the time for some experimentation even though we kept our essence. One thing that we always keep in mind is making music to be performed live. We’re always concerned on how the audience can participate on our concerts. That’s the only rule we follow. We’ve read some reviews and so far we’re doing great. People seem to have enjoyed our boldness!

What can you tell me about the other releases?
Every record we’ve made represents the feelings and experiences of its time. “Defying The Rules” was a very successful debut album with many catchy melodies and Power Metal elements. “The Skull Collectors” was kind of a sequel for DTR, with the addition of more speed and aggressiveness, perhaps. “Blind Ride” brought a darker tone and introspectiveness, which we haven’t presented yet on our repertoire. “Silent Revenge” was a very challenging record to be done because we sort of “loosen the shackles” a little and decided to bring some Classic Rock elements. It’s always pleasurable to work on new songs because it’s a great opportunity to express yourself as an artist.

Who mainly writes the lyrics?
For the new album “Hibria”, Benhur, Abel, Iuri and Renato wrote the lyrics. I just gave some hints here and there, but I find writing lyrics something very difficult.
HIBRIA 2015 - CREDIT Karina Kohl web version What are the band’s influences?
We all share the same passion for Classic Rock like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Beatles and so on. The same happens for the Classic Metal bands like Judas Priest, Iron maiden, Metallica, etc. But every one of us has our particular taste for music. For instance, Iuri loves Pearl Jam, Benhur loves Victor Wooten, Renato loves Devin Townsend, Abel loves Jazz Standards and I love Tower Of Power. So you can imagine how cool it is to write music with these guys.

Any shows confirmed for this year?
A lot of concerts! As I told you before, we have 40+ concerts announced in North America, Japan and Brazil for August, September, October and November. It will be our biggest tour so far! I would like to highlight one special concert which will be at the ProgPower Fest in Atlanta/GA. A great festival and an awesome opportunity for Hibria!

A message for the fans?
Thank you all for your support along these years! Stay tuned on for more information about our upcoming concerts and we hope to see you on the road!

Thank you Eduardo, cheers!
Thank you for the opportunity! All the best!

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