Interview Lachrymose (By Carla Morton)

Interview Lachrymose (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Hel, the vocalist of the Greek Doom/Dark metal band, Lachrymose.
10885513_1377841929183214_822501487231335537_n Hi Hel, how are you?
I’m very well, thank you.

When was Lachrymose formed?
Lachrymose was formed two years ago, in 2013.

You have released the debut album entitled ”Carpe Noctum”. Tell me about it.
Maybe the best way to describe “Carpe Noctum” would be to say that it’s a mix of dark/doom metal, with melodic riffs, both heavy and slow songs. If you listen carefully to the album, you will notice all the different musical elements in each song, and the change of the overall feeling with every passing song. It’s our debut album, so it’s a milestone for the band and we are very pleased with the mixing/mastering that Chris Fielding did for us. What is more, we had the chance to work with Thomas Vikström of Therion on the song “In A Reverie”, who honoured us with his contribution to this song!

Did you receive good reviews about it?
We have received very positive reviews by people we hold in high regard and this is very rewarding for the band! We are very proud of “Carpe Noctum” and thankful to all the people who support us.

Who mainly writes the lyrics?
I write the lyrics for Lachrymose.
10675653_1377841589183248_4585682841411793018_n Are you going to release a new album soon?
We are already working on a few songs for the next album.  For the time being we want to focus on “Carpe Noctum” and our live shows, but the songwriting process will go on, regardless of our schedule. We have many ideas for the new songs and we’re very excited about it!

What are the band’s influences and what are the lyrical themes?
We are four people who listen to different kinds of metal, and we combine everything we like in Lachrymose. It’s not like there are some bands in particular that we aim to sound like or that we consider them our main influences. It’s very important to have your own style and sound, to stand out. As for the lyrical themes, “Carpe Noctum” is a concept album. The story is about witch trials, loss, death and reincarnation, with its consequences. I’d rather people read the lyrics themselves to get the story on their own and understand what it is all about.

Are there any shows confirmed for this year?
At the moment we have confirmed two shows, the first one is Rock You To Hell festival in Athens on November 14th, along with Loudness, Tokyo Blade, Oliver/Dawson Saxon and many more, and also on January 17th in Thessaloniki, with Sorrows Path. We will soon announce dates for Cyprus and more shows to come!

A message for the fans?
We wouldn’t be here, playing our music, without the people who stand by our side! So many thanks to all of you! We are looking forward to see you at our shows and don’t forget to get your copy of “Carpe Noctum” and support this dark conspiracy!

Thank you Hel, all the best!
Thank you very much!

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