Interview: Mario Lochert/Serious Black (by Ivona Bogner)

Interview: Mario Lochert/Serious Black (by Ivona Bogner)

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marioMario Lochert is German bass guitar player. He played in Visions of Atlantis (2011). Today he is working at two fields: Emergency Gate and Serious Black. Since Serious Black is working on new album, I thought it would be nice to talk with Mario for Antichrist Metalzine.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your time.

Let’s start from the beginning. Legend says the whole idea of “Supergorup” was born at Ripollet Rock Festival in Spain, 2013. Can you tell me something more about that?

MARIO:  Well, this is simple. Actually, each band has one or two leaders who work their ass off in a band. I wanted to have 6 leaders with experience in the music business and I meant, if all pull one rope… I want to see where the band is ending. So, let’s do it! We can not lose. That’s the way how all started.

You started working on your first album in 2014. As I know, by the time you were almost done, you had no singer. When Urban breed signed, there are rumors you started writing material all over again?

MARIO:  No, we just had to rearrange some of the songs so that the music fits perfectly to the lyrics and the other way round.

“As Daylight Breaks” brought 11 magnificent songs. It was released by AFM in 2015. Songs flow well, album is rich in energy and emotion. What did you expect after you released this album?

MARIO:  We at least hoped that the audience would feel the energy and emotions somehow the way we did and still do. And they do…

Before the first tour started, it was announced that Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex Helloween) and Thomen Stauch (ex Blind Guardian, ex Iron Savior, Coldseed, Savage Circus)  can not participate. You find replacement, and tour with Hammer Fall started in early 2015. What did you expect from that tour? That was the first contact with fans.

MARIO:  You can’t really expect anything of a first tour, especially when there’s not even a record out yet. It was released the day the tour started.  You just can hope, that the audience would like what you do, also because we started up without our „big names“. But we did our very best and we’re thankful for the overwhelming encouragement.

In June 2015, one more tour. This time with Gamma Ray. I had a chance to see you in Budapest during the Best of the Best Party Tour. Technical level is very high, Urban breed’s vocals are as brilliant as in studio, Bob Katsionis has proven he is a good guitarist as well as being talented keyboard player… It seems you enjoy every moment at the stage. Since you all have been playing in various bands and have rich experience, can you tell me is there any difference now in Serious Black in interaction within the band than in your other bands?

MARIO:  We all love being on stage, no matter which band we play in, but there is surely a special chemistry in Serious Black, as you could see. We really love sharing the stage together. And we come back this year to Budapest at the end of September at Dürer Kert.

You played in Visions of Atlantis, now in Emergency Gate and Serious Black. Different subgenres of metal. Which is closer to your sensibility: symphonic/power or melodic death metal?

MARIO:  For me, music is a passion. I still play also in Emergency Gate and Serious Black. I love both styles of music and also Visions of Atlantis was a great experience for me. But Power metal is the music I come from.
1st headliner tour is announced. Can you tell us something more about upcoming album?

MARIO:  Not much, sorry. The recordings are almost done. The promotion will start soon. Release date is September 2016. It will be another great album, no doubt. We hope our fans will love it the way we do already.

How do you manage to work at so many fields (musician, producer, sound engineer)?

MARIO:  It’s a lot of work and sometimes I go crazy… The day has 24 hours and sometimes this is not enough, but I try to solve it with love and energy which I get back from the music. Sometimes this life is hard without vacation, free time…

If you can choose the best experience in your career by now it would be…

MARIO:  I got to know all those great people and have the opportunity to work with them.

Which aspect of tour is the most difficult for you?

MARIO:  Well, I love touring. It’s my life and I enjoy every minute of it, but now I have a baby and of course it’s hard when you have to leave for a few weeks.

Can you describe typical Serious Black fan?

MARIO:  There are some who show up on every Serious Black show in their neighborhood, or farther. So, I would say they are the most loyal fans you can wish for.

Any massage for our readers?

MARIO:  Look forward to our next record, buy it and visit us on tour! Check out the tour dates.

I am sure you will become one of the masters of genre in the near future. Good luck with new album and tour. Hope to see you in my hometown, if not, than in Budapest. All the best!

MARIO:   Thanks a lot for your interest, see you!


(c) Ivona Bogner

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