Interview: MOONSPELL

Interview: MOONSPELL

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When a band is facing some issues, usually they cancel the show or change the date, but wasn’t the case of Moonspell and Rotting Christ, despite the big delay and the show began so late, the two bands made it and till early morning, the show went on. I had also scheduled an interview with Moonspell the night of  November 16th, but because of the huge delay, this didn’t happen, but still got the chance for a mail one, then below you can read an interview I had with Moonspell’s mastermind, Fernando Ribeiro, which answered some of my questions.

Greetings Fernando, nice having this interview with you. Currently you’re touring over Europe along Rotting Christ and Silver Dust. How is the tour going on so far?
In spite this being a crazy, long tour I believe it’s going very well so far. Much thanks to the fans and to the incredible spirit of bands and crew which had to face many problems. There has been some drama too, but that’s rock and roll I suppose, we are not working on a library…

And the show from Bucharest, such a big delay but you made it in the end! And we, the fans, appreciate it a lot!
I was very proud and thankful to Posada Rock and to the fans in Romania who showed us try respect and love and I shall never forget about it. From the warm soup I had backstage to the hundreds of people waiting and celebrating the gig, that was night I can never forget. About the delay, welcome to “Europe” I suppose where suspicion and borders are back in force.

Sadly, Silver Dust didn’t make it in Bucharest…
They missed a few shows, I am afraid it was either them or the whole package. I am sorry for them, they also had bureaucratic issues and there was nothing we could do… hope they visit Romania soon, they put on a fantastic show.

Basically, you’re still promoting the lstest album released in 2017, 1755, how is the public still responding on the songs during the shows?
Not really. We play from many albums. The important on this tour, on the shows, is the atmosphere and also show a bit of the Moonspell history, the scenically basis is 1755 but we build a show from there that goes many places.

An album that the lyrics are in Portugese, why did you choose to sing in Portugese for 1755?
It was an “artistic “ decision. All these events took place in Portugal so I felt, we felt it was right to use our mother tongue. It was actually a refreshing experience and fans liked it too.

I read somewhere that you are ready to enter the studio by the next year, is that right?
We believe so.

Can you tell me a little what would be the new album musical direction?
Too early for that and I wish not to feed any speculation. When the music is done, people have access to it, I hate teasing them for a year, it’s tiresome for both…

And there is the new single “Scorpoin Flower” out this spring, I suppose this song will feature on the new album?
“Scorpion Flower“ is a song from our album Night Eternal from 2009 and this is a re-release, an old song featuring Anneke Van Giersbergen.

Oh, right! That’s the song…! And can you tell me also if the songs will be in Portugese, again, on the new album, some of them maybe?
I am not sure but I don’t think so.

The book “Men Who Were Wolves- the History of Moonspell” is now avaible in English aswell. Can you summarize a little what is the book content?
Yes. It’s the story of  Moonspell, a biography that tells what happened from when we formed back in 1992 until now, all then albums making, the sweat, blood and tears.

And that’s not all, a re-release of Sin Pecado and Second Skin will happen soon via Napalm records. Why did you choose these albums to have a re-release? In what format will these come out?

Yes. These records are sold out. So it was time to make it available again. We will be doing this on LP and CD with all albums form Sin to Antidote.

Fernando, you are also running a label “Alma Mater”, writing books… How can you manage all these and also touring? Isn’t it tiring or you feel you have no time for everything?
Hahah. I don’t have an answer for that really. Time is what you make of it, you can be checking youtube or boobs on Instagram or actually run a label and help culture.

Thanks a lot for your time. Great show and hope to see you again soon!
Thanks for the interview, all the best!

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