Interview Peter Tägtgren / PAIN (by Oleksandr Druzhitskiy)

Interview Peter Tägtgren / PAIN (by Oleksandr Druzhitskiy)

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The Swedish industrial metal legend PAIN present their eighth studio album Coming Home on September 9, 2016. Previous album, You Only Live Twice, was released five years ago. After that they released the albums Hypocrisy and Lindemann. Therefore, the announcement of a new portion of pain was a pleasant surprise for the fans.

Front man Peter Tägtgren commented return to the project:

“The idea of returning to PAIN was appeared after release of Lindemann. Initially we planned to continue the ideas from the album Skills in Pills. But at the end of the summer it became known that Rammstein returned to the studio and have plans for the tour in spring-summer 2016. As I was a full of unrealized ideas, I decided to bring them to the PAIN. So I started working on a new album in September “.

Also front man denies presence of the global message for fans in the album:

“I can’t say that the album has some main idea. There are many different themes, many of them are sarcastic, just for fun, the story of a gigolo from “Call me only” one of them”.

By analyzing tracklist we pay attention of the intriguing title “Pain in the ass”. When we mention it, Peter laughed and then explained:

“The title of this track was originally offered by the band’s manager. We thought that it’s interesting and decided to develop this idea. In my opinion, it turned out great”.

Results of PAIN’s work fans can hear on September 9, and it will be probably classical PAIN sound with Lindemann’s influence as it was in early released tracks “Black Knight Satellite” and “Call Me”.

Immediately after the release, team will go to big tour. The band preparing a lot of surprises, such as fans may hear an acoustic guitar that was used on the album recording:

“We can use the acoustic guitar at concerts. Early we had such experience with the song “Have a drink on me”. So, I think, it will be interesting”.

In addition to the previously announced schedule for 2016, which includes the countries of Western Europe and six concerts in Finland, Peter told us about future plans:

“We will play a lot of concerts. Almost every day we’ll have new show, but we like this pace. After concerts in Western Europe, we will go on tour in the United States and in December we return with tour to Russia. Also we have plans for 2017. Already we scheduled a concert in Italy”.

When we asked about the possible coming in Ukraine, Peter remembered the show in July at the FAINE MISTO festival:

“It was a great show. We delighted in the reception of Ukrainian painhead’s. Amazing energy, a lot of people… We really enjoyed this performance and now we are thinking about coming back. So probably we will return to Ukraine next year”.

(c) Oleksandr Druzhitskiy

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