Interview Raw In Sect (By Carla Morton)

Interview Raw In Sect (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Kostas Diamandis, vocalist and guitarist of the Greek metal band, Raw In Sect.
378723_335590933131601_142013552_n Greetings Kostas, how have you been?
Hello Carla, I am fine thank you. Pretty busy with things.

At first, tell me when Raw In sect was formed.
Raw In Sect exist as an idea from 2006 but we weren’t really going for it back then, it was a hobby thing. I would say that the band really formed in 2011 where we released our debut album and went on our first tour.

You debuted in 2011 with the full-length, ”Red Flows”, released via WormHoleDeath records. Tell me about it.
Yes, we were represented by a manager back then who got us signed with WHD. It was a good start to get our album out to people and start touring with it as well.

Three years later you have released the second full-length entitled “Blue Haze”.
After the Red Flows tour era ended, we sat down and worked really hard on getting Blue Haze together. It was recorded live in the studio so it took a lot of rehearsals to make it sound like it does. Very painful album to make I have to say.
Will you release a new album soon?
Maybe in late 2016 or early 2017. We have a lot of material on preproduction mode at the moment but we are still touring for Blue Haze at the same time so I guess it will take a while. We don’t rush on making albums.

You started as Technical Death metal, in the present you changed into Thrash genre.
Yes we were younger back then and that sound represented how we felt at that time. Bands like Death/Morbid Angel/Atheist/Cynic etc where are main influences. Time passed though and we felt we should be honest on what we do and that the albums we are releasing should be representative of the phase we are into. So tech death led to thrash groove, then to progressive groove and the new album will have a more melodic direction as well. I can’t say we are a thrash band really. Red Flows is a thrash album yes, but Blue Haze is more into a chaotic direction.

What are your influences and what are the lyrical themes do you focus on?
We now listen to a wide spectrum of music. Metal is always there but there are other stuff too like prog rock, punk, dark wave and a lot of traditional music Balkan, Japanese, Celtic etc The themes are really about anything that feels it should be addressed at that time, from social themes to personal issues even philosophical at times.

Soon you will have a tour over Europe. Are there shows confirmed for 2016 as well?
Yes, we have a tour coming up that will take place in Germany and UK mostly but other countries as well. There are talks for a new tour next year and a number of festivals. Though we don’t like to plan too much ahead. When we get back from our tours, we think about what we learnt in order to plan the next step more carefully.

Do you have a message for the fans?
I never know how to answer that hahah Thanks to them we are able to do this and go on tour all the time so we are always grateful to hear that new people are into Raw In Sect.

Thank you Kostas for your answers, cheers and all the best. Hope to see you soon!
Thank you!

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